Drunk pillow rivers and mountains

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Drunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountainsDrunk pillow rivers and mountains

The testicles of infants are always tight and raised, and the sacs of adults are always loose and drooping without special training. Some Taoist people laughingly call such people "goofing off." The crotch cloth has the function of tightening and improving the testicles, so they think that it can nourish the kidney and strengthen the physical strength. Two big naked men with cloths in their pockets ran to the yuanmen Gate and soon came back. They excitedly reported to Yang Fan, "General, the horses from Taipu Temple have come. There are a lot of strong horses. They are very magnificent!" Yang Fan was overjoyed. Just as he was about to go to the yuanmen Gate, on second thought, he said, "Go and invite General Lu Lang to come with me to receive the horses." After a while, as a parade officer, the most busy Lu Maofeng came sweating, he had heard the sergeant said to go to yuanmen to pick up the horse, so put on the uniform, by this time Yang Fan has finished dressing, two people will go to yuanmen together. This time the horse or veterinary doctor Bai Yiding and veterinarian Niu Mou, two people saw Yang Fan is very polite, Yang Fan a look at the horses they sent this time, as expected, all fat and strong, shiny hair, are all strong and tall horses in the western regions, not overjoyed. At this time, Chu Kuangge,Inflatable bouncer, Maqiao and others also heard the news and came. Seeing that the horses liked them from the bottom of their hearts, Yang Fan said with a smile, "You're just in time. Hurry up and help Lu Lang collect the horses!" People led excitedly to accompany Lulang will point to collect horses, because to be able to come to the full amount of first-class horses, Lulang will take the credit, everyone's attitude towards him is a lot of kindness, which has been suffering from cold reception, can only find some warmth in Yang Fan there Lulan will be very excited. Bai Yiding watched with a smile as the generals surrounded Lu Lang. Then he reached out his hand and took out an invitation card from his sleeve. Smiling,Inflatable indoor park, he handed it to Yang Fan with both hands and said, "My brother will hold a banquet in the mansion tomorrow for a gathering of Fengchen Ling and a group of friends. General Yang will be invited to honor him." Yang Fanxin said, "The Zhang brothers know that I treat Lu Maofeng well. This is a goodwill gesture to me.". It's just that the Zhang brothers are now in a detached position. If they entertain me directly in the name of the two of them, they will feel like making a mountain out of a molehill. It's easy to cause criticism from others, so they have to borrow the name of Bai Yishou. The Zhang brothers contributed a lot to the emperor's reading this time. Yang Fan thought to himself that he should express his gratitude to them face to face. These two people would still be useful in the future. He put away the invitation card and said with pleasure, "It's a great honor for Yang!"! Also ask the doctor to reply to your brother, tomorrow Yang will be on time for the meeting! ※※※※※※※※※※※※※※ Early the next morning, Yang Fan arranged deputy chief review Xu Liang and parade officer Lu Maofeng continued to lead the armed forces soldiers drill, he took Ren Wei and several QinBing back to the city. The first time he came to the door, he always brought some gifts, so he left early and had to go home to prepare a gift. Yang Fan beat Ma Yang whip into the city of Luoyang, haven't walked to the bridge in Tianjin, see the long street on the list of horses and chariots, enough dozens of cars, car boxes and cages piled up like a mountain, inflatable amusement park ,inflatable floating water park, all tied with red silk, a look is to send a dowry. Seeing that the dozens of carts were about to cross the Tianjin Bridge, which was extremely crowded, Yang Fan stopped his horse and said to himself, "With so much dowry, I don't know whose daughter is getting married." An old man on the side of the road, who was leading his little grandson to watch the scene of bustle, looked up at him and said, "This soldier doesn't know that these vehicles in front of him are the dowry of Princess Yi'an." "Princess Yi'an?" Yang Fan listened to this very strange name by a daze, then remembered that this is the title of Li Xinyu, the daughter of the king of Luling. After the king of Luling returned to Beijing, he quickly married many dignitaries. Yang Fan knew about it, but he didn't expect to get married so soon. The dowry was sent. Will the day of marriage be far behind? "Thank you for reminding me," said Yang Fan. A few days ago, I heard of King Xu of Luling, but I didn't expect Princess Yi'an to get married now. There are many high officials in the capital, and the people in the capital have seen a lot, so they are not like the people in small villages and towns who have no knowledge, and they tremble when they see the officials. The old man saw that Yang Fan was not dressed like an ordinary official school, but he was not afraid. He replied to him with a smile, "There are many daughters in the Wang family in Luling, and they are all old enough to marry. How can you not worry?"? I heard that the princess of Yongtai is also going to send a dowry this afternoon. The princess of Yongtai is the prince of Wei and the daughter of the king of Luling. I'm afraid the dowry will be twice as much as this. Hearing this, Yang Fan laughed and said, "The king of Luling married his daughters in batches. It's really a big deal!" When the huge motorcade crossed the bridge, Yang Fan rode on the bridge and followed the motorcade for a while. When the motorcade turned into Guandefang to make way for the road ahead, he rode home lightly. When Yang Fan arrived at his house, he asked Xiaoman to find him a gift that was both suitable for his status and timely. He also went to Anu, who had just been pregnant and had begun to raise the fetus, to sit there for a while. Then he rushed to Bai Yishou's house. Tai Pu Si Qing because in the government involved not much, so the reputation is not obvious, but too Pu Si Qing is from the third grade of high officials, the title is absolutely not low, Yang Fan let Ren Wei to find out where the white mansion, it is easy to find the white mansion. The door of the White Mansion received the invitation and went to the mansion to report it. The guest came to the door and went out to greet him as the host. At this time, Zhang Yizhi and Zhang Changzong had not yet arrived, but the disciples of the Zhang brothers and even the cousins of the Zhang brothers had already arrived and were sitting idly in the flower hall, talking and laughing. But in the small hall next to it, a man was roaring loudly. In the third watch of the morning, ask for a monthly ticket and a recommended ticket! (To be continued.) Small. Say .t.xt. God . Don Chapter 861 White Family Banquet. In the small hall next to the Baifu Flower Hall, Zhang Changyi was displeased, while Jiang Lin, the new assistant minister of the Ministry of Personnel, was constantly handing over with great trepidation. As the two brothers, Zhang Yizhi and Zhang Changzong, were now empresses and imperial concubines of Empress Wu Zetian, the status of the Zhang family rose with the tide. Their younger cousin, Zhang Changyi, was appointed as the governor of Luoyang at a young age and was in charge of the capital city of Kyoto. Zhang Changyi himself was in a high position, and his two cousins were the most talkative people in front of the emperor,Inflatable outdoor park, so naturally there was an endless stream of people who fawned on Zhang Changyi. Among the Zhang brothers, Zhang Changyi was the most greedy for money, so most people came to him to seek official positions. joyshineinflatables.com