Ninety days of spring

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Ninety days of springNinety days of springNinety days of springNinety days of spring

The rain poured down, accompanied by bursts of thunder, and it was dark before dusk. The palace was dead and gloomy, and the rain was rattling on the roof. The rain was coming fast and fiercely, as if a hole was going to be made in the sky. The servants in the Rongguang Courtyard did not dare to say much. They acted cautiously and looked into the room nervously for fear of being angry by Wang Ye. Inside knelt on the ground of the herbalist, all helpless, trembling to plead guilty, "Wang Ye spare my life.." Never seen the four kings so angry, he sat on the edge of the bed, holding a lifeless body tightly in his arms, not allowing anyone to approach: "a group of quacks, what do you want?" They were imperial physicians specially invited by Yang Fu from the palace. After feeling the pulse of the little servant girl, they were surprised at first, and then shook their heads one after another: "Please mourn for the four kings. Forgive me for my incompetence. I don't have the ability to bring the dead back to life." One of them couldn't help saying, "I'm sorry to say that my body has been dead for many days.." Four kings, let him be buried as soon as possible. Not knowing which words stimulated him, Yang Fu pulled out his sword on the spot and pointed it directly at his opponent's heart: "Shut up." The doctor was so frightened that his face turned pale. He immediately swallowed all the words and knelt down to beg for mercy. Hearing that Yang Fu became more and more irritable, he shouted in a low voice: "Get out!" His face was gloomy, his voice was cold, and his awe and majesty went straight to his heart, scaring a group of doctors to get up and roll and crawl out of the inner room. The noisy atmosphere calmed down, and only he and the little servant girl were left in the huge room. Both of their clothes were soaked through, but he did not feel it and never let go of her body. Miao Miao.. Yang Fu hugged her tightly, and his heart gradually sank into the abyss, dark and cold,large inflatable water slide, like ashes. They all said she was hopeless, but how could he believe that the little girl who had been lively a few days ago had become a corpse in the blink of an eye. She fell quietly into his arms, rarely quiet, and did not even speak to him. The little servant girl closed her eyes tightly, her lips were black and purple, and her little face was pale and almost transparent. Her body is too cold, Yang Fu like holding ice, she is so timid, struggling in the bottom of the water,inflatable air dancer, how helpless? Not daring to think, Yang Fu buried his head deep in her neck, hoarse and low: "This king is wrong." Miaomiao, Ben Wang is wrong. Can you come back? Unfortunately, there was no response, Miaomiao was not here, and the little servant girl could not speak. The mood of regret almost drowned him, if that day he did not easily promise the prince, she would not have an accident. It's all his fault. He didn't protect her. At the beginning, he vowed that if he was wronged in the future, he would tell the king. Was she wronged in the prince's mansion, and to whom did she tell? At the beginning, the little servant girl had bright eyes and asked him expectantly, "Will Wang Ye stand up for me?" "Maybe," he said. This sentence is vague, in fact, from then on, he wanted to take good care of her. She is clean and pure, Inflatable meltdown ,inflatable bounce house with slide, like a Yao grass in the world of ice and snow, tough and tenacious, crystal clear, people can not help but want to cherish. She probably did not know that when she looked at him, she was focused on hope, her eyes were bright, and he was the only one in them. Sometimes when she looked at it, she was in a trance, and her eyes were filled with a faint sense of loss, and a little bit was swallowed up by despair. Somehow, he will be a little distressed. She gave Yang Fu the feeling, like a moth to the flame, knowing that there is no good result, still desperate. Very strange, clearly is the person, how can let him have this kind of idea? This brave and simple little servant girl had left an indelible mark in his heart, and he could not refuse, nor did he want to refuse. But why did he lose her when he realized his feelings? Yang Fu's arm tightened a little bit, trying to absorb the temperature of her body, but no, cold to the bone, she had no temperature at all. The moist water marks flowed down the shoulder of the little servant girl and slipped into her skirt, mixing with the lake water. There was a big hole in his heart, and the howling cold wind poured into it, and he was in pain all over. The two maids in the corridor held their clothes and looked at each other. Wang Ye looks like this, they dare not go in, but if they don't change their clothes in time, they will be infected with the cold according to the weather. So they are so embarrassed, Wang Ye obviously do not want to let people close, if they go, is not self-destructive? It happened that Leshan and Leshui came back from the outside, and the two of them were injured all over, muddy all over, and quite embarrassed. What's going on? Where is Wang Ye? Le Shui helped Leshan to the front, along the road there are blood mixed into the water, I do not know whether it is theirs, or the prince's people. The two maids were so timid that they almost screamed. Still in shock, they recognized them and stammered, "Wang Ye.." Wang Ye is in the room, what's the matter with you. Le Shui didn't say much. He was about to go into the room. He thought about it and stopped. "What did Wang Ye say?" The servant girl looked embarrassed. "Just now the doctor came and was driven away.". Wang Ye was so angry that no one was allowed to approach him at the moment. They probably wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes. Wang Ye just returned to the mansion with a man in his arms, walking on foot in the rain. He walked heavily and his face was ashen. Where were the four immortal kings they knew. And just now, he was more like crazy, all the doctors reprimanded all over, not hesitate to draw a sword. What he did was all because of the little servant girl named Miaomiao. Two people can not help but wonder, Wang Ye should attach so much importance to her, and she died, what is going on? Leshan coughed violently: "Wang Ye.." Are you all right? The servant girl shook her head. "Not so good. I was caught in the rain and didn't change my clothes. What should I do?" Then he looked into the room, which was so silent that he could not figure it out. One side of the high moon can not bear to see, reached out to grab her hand red sandalwood tray, "is not to change clothes, I go!" As he spoke, he stepped over the threshold fearlessly, with an angry and complicated expression. It was only today that she learned that Miaomiao had a close relationship with Wang Ye. In the past, Miaomiao always took her to cancel, and Miaamiao laughed without saying anything. But she actually with Wang Ye. She's hiding so deep,Inflatable water park on lake, she must be laughing at herself for being stupid. Thinking of this, the high crescent moon clenched her teeth and hated her. Why did she die, or she would not have spared her!.