Obviously, he has a crush on me.

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Obviously, he has a crush on me.Obviously, he has a crush on me.Obviously, he has a crush on me.Obviously, he has a crush on me.

Lu ran's fingers are still sliding on Jiang Nuan's legs, which is simply harassment! Jiang Nuan especially wanted to make his behavior public to see if there were still so many people who believed in him and thought he was aloof and arrogant. Just as she was about to bend down and clap Lu Ran's hand away, she suddenly realized that Lu Ran was actually writing on her leg. Teacher, the last remaining gas is carbon dioxide. The chemistry teacher nodded and said, "You have made a lot of progress in chemistry this semester, but I still hope you can guard against arrogance and rashness and study down-to-earth." "I will, teacher." Jiang Nuan sat down and glanced aside. Strictly speaking, Lu ran was helping her cheat just now. She had always thought that Lu Ran would never do such a thing as hinting at the answer to her classmates, but just now, he had stepped on the line. Maybe it's something he's never done before. Thinking of this, Jiang Nuan felt even more proud. Grandma was discharged from the hospital the night before the final exam. Her blood sugar is under control, but the degenerative memory is not coming back. Jiang Nuan's parents also said at the beginning that Jiang Nuan should go home to review and prepare for the final exam tomorrow. But Jiang Nuan was not happy. She told her parents that if she was not allowed to accompany her grandmother home, she would not even be able to sleep at night. When she left the school and stood at the intersection ready to stop the car to go to the hospital, she suddenly remembered that Lu Ran had accompanied her when she went to the hospital before. But at the end of class today, Lu ran was surrounded by several classmates asking questions. He said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "You go first." That is to say, he may not accompany her. After all, Lu Ran is not her family, has no feelings or obligations to her grandmother, and the final exam is just around the corner, even if she is confident as Lu Ran,Edible oil filling machine, she will want to relax and adjust her mood. Although so comfort oneself, so reasonable to oneself, but the heart is still filled with a trace of loss. Jiang Nuan just raised his hand, a taxi came far away, and Lu Ran's voice came from her side. Why didn't you answer your cell phone? Jiang Nuan turned his face sideways and saw Lu Ran frowning at her. Ah? I didn't hear.. Jiang Nuan subconsciously reached out to touch his pocket and found that the mobile phone was not inside. She quickly took down her schoolbag and almost buried her head in it without turning it over. Blimey! Lu Ran, I may have left my mobile phone in the classroom! I have to go back and look for it! Jiang Nuan put on his schoolbag and rushed back to the teaching building. Lu ran behind him grabbed her, and half of her body crashed back into Lu ran's arms. The good smell came out of his clothes and from his neck in an instant, and the throbbing made her freeze between his arms. Are you stupid. When I called your cell phone, I saw your cell phone on the table and didn't take it away. Lu ran took Jiang Nuan's cell phone out of his pocket and turned around to stop a taxi. Come on in. Lu ran stood by the door of the taxi and raised his chin to her. Jiang Nuan hurriedly drilled in, holding his mobile phone in his hand, water filling machine ,PET blowing machine, the metal shell still has the temperature of Lu Ran. When they arrived at the hospital, the old man's things had been packed up, and Luo Chen was helping his grandmother get up and walk outside the door bit by bit. Mom, look, Xiao Nuan is coming! Grandma's wrinkled face slowly appeared a smile, eyes full of expectations, she reached out to catch Jiang Nuan, and then some doubts: "Is this Xiao Nuan?"? Did Xiao Nuan become like this? Jiang Nuan quickly took his grandmother's hand and said, "I am Xiao Nuan!"! Grandma, I've grown up! "Oh.." Oh Grandma nodded in ignorance and looked at Jiang Nuan from time to time, as if to say, "It really looks like Xiao Nuan, but how can it suddenly be so big?". Luo Chen and Jiang Huai are also very grateful to Lu Ran for coming. Walking in the corridor, Luo Chen quietly asked Lu Ran: "Lu Ran, how is my little warm studying recently?"? We don't care about her because we're afraid she's in a bad mood. "Aunt, don't worry, she's fine." "Yes, you're her deskmate." Jiang Nuan, of course, heard her mother's words, although only a little, but her heart has a wonderful feeling. She also felt very relieved to have him as her deskmate, as if every time she encountered a sad thing would be solved. But will he always be by her side? They will all grow up and leave the school, which is like a greenhouse, at that time. Will Lu Ran change? When they came to the downstairs of Grandma's house, they were immediately embarrassed. Grandma and Jiang Nuan's uncle and aunt live in an eight-storey old building with no elevator, while Grandma's house is on the fifth floor. The old man had just come out of the hospital and had no strength to go up a few steps. Let's take turns carrying mom on our backs. Jiang Huai bent down. But Luo Chen was worried: "Don't try to be brave.". You got a lot of injuries when you were an athlete, and you can't use too much force on your waist. "I'll do it." Lu ran said lightly and came to Grandma's side, "Grandma, I'll carry you up." "How can Lu Ran do that?"? You have an exam tomorrow! After the exam, the summer vacation is the competition! You "But I'm younger and stronger than you, coach." Lu ran said so that Jiang Huai could not say a word. Uncle also feels embarrassed: "Classmate, still I come.". You are very grateful to accompany Xiao Nuan to see Grandma. How can you carry the old man on your back? Uncle, don't think too much. I'll carry it. At this time, the grandmother suddenly looked at Lu ran said: "Ah!"! Young man! Are you my grandson-in-law! My little warm has grown up. Is she married? All of a sudden,Vegetable oil filling machine, everyone was speechless. Mom-what are you talking about? Lu Ran is Xiao Nuan's classmate and Ah Huai's student. Luo Chen held the old lady and quickly explained. Uncle also felt embarrassed: "Young man don't mind, my mother can't remember things clearly.". Every time I tell her something she doesn't remember, she'll go in another direction. Forgive me! "Ah.." Isn't that young man from our family? Then why did he carry me? This is not good! I'll go up myself.. Go up 。 gzxilinear.com