The Record of Human Nature _ Agatha Christie _ txt Novel Paradise

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The Record of Human Nature _ Agatha Christie _ txt Novel ParadiseThe Record of Human Nature _ Agatha Christie _ txt Novel Paradise

"I think you're right." He said, "What do you want me to tell you?" Poirot looked at Japp. Have you ever heard of Mrs. Edgware or Mrs. Wilkinson? # 8212; # 8212; made threats against her husband. ?” Asked Japp. Yes, several times. "What did she say?" "She said she would'kill him 'if he didn't set her free." That's not a joke. Chew? "Yes.". I think she's serious. At one point, she said she was going to hire a cab to kill him. Mr. Poirot. You heard that too, didn't you? He pitifully asked my friend for help. Poirot nodded. Japp continued to ask. Mr. Martin. Now we know that she wants to be free because she wants to marry someone else. Do you know who that man is? Brian nodded. Who It's the Duke of Merton. 。” The Duke of Merton! Oh The detective gave a whistle. Climbing high branches! He is said to be one of the richest men in Britain. Martin nodded, more crestfallen than ever. I don't quite understand Poirot's attitude. He leaned back in his chair, folded his hands, and nodded his head rhythmically from time to time, as if a man had picked up a record and put it on the record player, listening to the effect. Is her husband willing to divorce her? "No, he refused completely." "Are you sure that's the truth?" "Yes." "Now," Poirot suddenly joined in, "my old friend Japp. You know what I have to do with this. I was commissioned by Jane to consult with her husband and ask him to agree to divorce. I have an appointment with him this morning. Brian # 183; Martin shook his head. 。“ It's no use. "Edgware will not agree," he said with certainty. "You don't think he'll agree?" Poirot gave him a kindly look. Of course. Jane is like a mirror in her heart. She doesn't really think you will succeed. She's desperate. On the issue of divorce,ultrasonic cutting machine, that man is a bigot. Poirot smiled. His eyes lit up. You're wrong, young man. He said kindly, "I saw Baron Edgware yesterday, and he has agreed to a divorce." No doubt Brian Martin was dumbfounded by the news. 。 He stared at Poirot. My eyes are about to fall out. You saw him yesterday. ?” He asked hurriedly. At a quarter past twelve. Poirot said in a methodical way. He agreed to a divorce? You should have told Jane at once. He said reproachfully. I told her right away. Mr. Martin. "You told her at once?" Cried Martin and Japp alike. Poirot smiled. That kind of affects the motive, doesn't it? 'Now Let me remind you to look at this, Mr. Martin, 'he whispered. He told him to read the paragraph in the newspaper. Bryce looked, but he wasn't interested. You think that proves she wasn't at the scene of the crime? He said, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic handheld welder, "I imagine Edgware was shot sometime last night." "He was stabbed, not shot." Poirot corrected. Martin put the newspaper down slowly. I don't think that's going to work. He said regretfully. Jane didn't attend the party. "How do you know?" "I forgot, someone told me." "What a pity." Said Poirot thoughtfully. I don't understand you. Sir. You don't seem to want this lady to be guilty. No, no. My good Japp, I'm not as partial as you think. But to be honest. This case you're working is against common sense. What do you mean by that? Contrary to common sense? It's not against my common sense. I could see that Poirot's lips were shaking, trying to say something quickly, but he spoke with great self-control. That's exactly what you said. This lady wants to get rid of her husband. I don't disagree with you on that. She told me so very frankly. My friend, how can she do it? She said loudly in front of many witnesses that she would kill him. Then he went to his house, gave his name, killed him and walked away. My friend, how do you explain this? Is this common sense? "A little silly, of course.". ” "Silly?"? What an idiot! "All right." Said Japp, standing up. If the criminals are stupid, it will be good for the police. I'm going back to the Savoy now. "May I go with you?" Japp didn't object, so we set off. Martin left us reluctantly. He was very excited and repeatedly asked us to inform him of the new situation in time. He is a neurotic young man. Japp commented on him. Poirot felt the same way. At the Savoy, we saw a man who looked very much like a lawyer just arrived. So we went to Jane's suite. Japp spoke to his men. What's up He asked briefly. She wants to make a phone call. "To whom?" Asked Japp eagerly. Call the Carp and Bird Trading House. Buy mourning clothes. Japp cursed in a low voice. We went into the suite. Mrs. Edgware, newly widowed, was trying on a hat in front of a mirror. Dressed in a black and white, reflective dress, she greeted us with a radiant smile. Why, Monsieur Poirot, it's very kind of you to come. Mr. Moxon, I'm glad you're here. Please sit next to me and tell me what questions to answer. This guy comes in here like I went out this morning and killed George. "It was last night, madam." Japp said. You said this morning, ten o'clock. "I mean ten o'clock in the evening." "Oh,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I can't tell the difference between morning and afternoon." "It's just ten o'clock." The detective added sternly. Jane's eyes were wide open. "Good Heavens," she whispered, "I haven't woken up this early in years. It must have been just dawn when you came here. 。