Face-changing warrior

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Face-changing warriorFace-changing warriorFace-changing warrior

"Troll?"? What troll? Roddy was still asking loudly. Suddenly heard the front "boom" a loud noise, not far in front of a tree collapsed, then accompanied by a "whine" howl, a huge figure appeared in front of three people not far away! "Giant.." A troll? Roddy gaped at the monster in front of him. A giant with a height of more than ten meters, a ferocious face, a long red beard, long hair, and a dragon tail with scales behind him. The huge body was wrapped around a pair of tattered armor, and the place where the huge soles of the feet had stepped on, immediately pressed out an open space! He took out a huge hammer in his hand and stared at the three men. The troll suddenly let out a long howl, then waved his big hand, and the hammer brought out a gust of wind and hit the three men! "Run!" Roddy gave a loud shout and pulled the pale moon dance to the side. Peng "a loud noise, three people just standing place, a big tree has been swept down, the hammer hit the ground, the ground hit a big pit!"! The earth suddenly shook a few times, Roddy a stagger did not stand firm, holding the pale moon dance rolled to the ground. Hearing another gust of wind, I saw a huge shadow falling from the sky! The hammer has fallen from the top! On the ground,ultrasonic generator driver, Roddy, holding the pale moon dance in one hand, roared wildly, and his fighting spirit burst out all over his body, as if he had turned into a golden light! With all his strength, the dagger in his hand was raised horizontally. After a loud noise, the golden fighting spirit and the black hammer hit each other hard,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and Roddy spurted blood. The dagger in his hand also broke with a bang. The troll roared, too, and the hammer was raised and smashed down on Roddy again. The pale moon dance had already reacted, pulled Roddy, and the body scurried out like an arrow. Jumped to a tree in the distance, but after a bang, the hammer hit the ground, and the violent vibration shook the two men down from the tree. Two people fell to the ground, pale moon dance just pressed on Roddy's body, Roddy is a mouthful of blood spurted out. The voice of the abrupt tooth came from a distance: "Run!"! Run to the middle of the woods! Don't look back! Pale Moon Dance struggled to pull up Roddy and ran wildly. I heard a long murmur behind me, and then a fire rose into the sky, accompanied by a roar, and the monster fell down, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, not knowing how many trees it had crushed. The two men were running wildly, but they were not on guard. When the troll fell, the hammer fell right in front of them. A strong wave of air swept the two men down. I saw a huge hammer in front of two people, the hammer handle has a person's waist thickness! The two men looked back and saw a scene of great surprise! A huge snake with more than a dozen heads was sitting in the distance. More than a dozen heads were stretched out, and its huge body had crushed all the small trees around it. The snake's mouth was hissing and roaring, and its mouth was spewing flames! The troll lying on the ground was blackened and trembling, as if struggling to get up. I heard a roar in my ears, and in the distance a few more trolls broke open the trees around them and leaned over! The serpent was on the spot, and the mouths of more than a dozen heads growing around were roaring, demonstrating against the trolls who were slowly approaching! The trolls all looked up and roared, roaring with anger. Then the hammer in a troll's hand swung out, only to hear a loud noise. A snake's head had been hit, and it was knocked down horizontally, crushing a big tree. But another snake's head had hit the troll's chest hard. The troll roared and staggered backwards. Several other trolls had already strode up, more than a dozen snakes raised their heads, and then spewed flames at the same time. One troll just subconsciously blocked his face with his hand, let out an earth-shaking scream, and fell forward, but just pressed on the body of the serpent! The serpent let out a low roar, as if he were rolling on the ground in pain, and another troll hammer had fallen. The hammer hit the snake with a metallic crash, and the hard scales on the snake were broken at once. The snake seemed to be rolling all over the ground in pain, and its body was wrapped around the monster. With a bang, both the troll and the serpent fell down and twisted together. The roar of the troll mingled with the low hiss of the serpent. A troll put down his sledgehammer and grabbed the serpent's tail with a pair of big hands, as if trying to pull the serpent away from the entangled troll. But without warning, a snakehead scurried out and spewed a flame in his face! With a scream, the troll's red-bearded face was immediately scorched. He let go of the snake's tail, covered his face with his hands, kept screaming in his mouth, staggered at his feet, and retreated towards Roddy and Pale Moon Dance! Roddy and Pale Moon Dance both gave a cry of surprise and ran out rolling and crawling. The troll covered his face and couldn't see anything, but he tripped over his fallen companion and fell hard. Pale moon dance and Roddy exclaimed back, only to see a huge shadow fell down, although the foot kept retreating, the shadow is getting lower and lower. Finally, with a bang, he fell in front of the two men. The two men plopped down on the ground, as if all their strength had been exhausted. Pale Moon Dance suddenly shouted, "Where is Uighur Tooth?"! Where's Wu Ya? Isn't that big snake supposed to be in that cave? Why is it here? With a strange look in his eyes, Roddy whispered, "Don't you understand?"? This big snake.. It's Uighur! ` Folks, is that enough lifting of the ban this week? Let's help to smash some recommended tickets. I will continue to lift the ban.] www/xiaoshuotxt.co m Chapter 123 strong and weak. The troll in front of him fell less than three meters away from the two men,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, his head facing the stunned Pale Moon Dance and Roddy. On a blackened face, the red beard and hair had been scorched, and one eye had been burned blind. fycgsonic.com