Control the spirit Lord

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Control the spirit LordControl the spirit LordControl the spirit LordControl the spirit LordControl the spirit Lord

When Xiao Bai came in again, his complexion was obviously much better. Of course, emptying the body of debris, anyone will be much better. She cleaned her hands, and Mingshuang took her to the entrance of the hall, then pouted at her, and did not follow her again! Xiao Bai walked back trembling step by step, and as soon as he entered the pavilion, he saw that he was still looking at her with his elbow propped up! His hair hung down at his side, and without the black clothes all over his body, he looked much softer in his white brocade clothes. More importantly, his eyes were always smiling, and he kept staring at her with a playful expression! She felt uncomfortable being stared at by him and felt that she didn't know where to put her hands and feet. In the past in Dongfu, she was not like this, there were a lot of people pointing at her, she can be regarded as not seeing. In fact, she didn't see anything under her eyes! Because she doesn't look, she doesn't want to, she just numbly remembers the rules, and she just follows the rules. Being beaten is a common occurrence for her, and she just wants to eat! But not now, she can't be noticed by too many people, because they all smile at her. She could not be so concerned by him, he looked at her, she was afraid, not only afraid, more things in the body will be excavated in general! "Come here!" He held out his hand to her. She was wrapped in a cloak, and underneath was a little coat of water red. She did not know when Canju had changed her clothes, and now she was dull, so dull that she did not know when others had changed her clothes when she was asleep! Is it the effect of medicinal soup? Still lying for two months, lying silly? She walked over slowly, and he grabbed her waist and lifted her back again! He threw her cloak aside and wrapped her in a thick quilt. It was very cold outside just now, and now it was too warm in the quilt. She couldn't help shaking when it was so cold and hot. My nose itched and I sneezed lightly! "Are you really going to endure a stomachache until dawn?" He suppressed a smile and gently stroked her slightly tingling cheek. Yes She dared not say any more, but looked down at the buttons on his chest. Her face was heated again by his fingertips, and the heat spread all the way to her ears, turning her whole face into a big tomato! "What did you do before?" He was now out of sleep and in high spirits. He just came back yesterday afternoon. He had been traveling for more than ten days. After taking a bath, he satisfied his desire to be vigorous by the way. He should be very tired! He did not touch the maids in the house. He was not so anxious that he wanted to have sex with them all over the house. Of course, if he really took a fancy to one of them, he would naturally give them an identity. Anyway, his house is too big, and he has plenty of room to accommodate the people in the house. He had been thinking that the reason why he had a desire for this bone was that he was dissatisfied with his desire! Yes, it must be so! He is in the prime of life, and of course he will be dissatisfied with his desires. But, but now that he's seen her, Nero Marquina Marble Slab ,Agate Stone Price, he's not sure again! Because, because he wants to kiss her! He wanted to kiss her again, to kiss the red face, and, and her lips! He withdrew his finger from her cheek, tried to suppress the confused thoughts that even he could not believe, and closed his eyes slightly. "What did you do before?" He can't sleep now. He can't sleep. He has to be distracted! If it goes on like this, even he himself will not be sure whether he is really crazy and has become a beast! "Feed the birds, watch the night, watch the night!" Hearing him ask this, she calmed down. She answered briskly three things she thought she could do well. She began to look forward to not only beating her in the future, but also sending her to live! Then she would be useful again, and she would not be sold again, and she would not starve! "Feed the birds?" As soon as his heart moved, was he still controlling the spirit? He's got something useful at last! He lay down on his side, stretched his arms around her, and strangled her in his arms? What does a bird look like? "Cut blood to go to it, grow very good-looking, green hair, very big!" Xiao Bai answered gently. Cut the blood? He reached for her arm and rolled up her sleeve by the moonlight and the yellow light. Sure enough, I saw the horizontal knife wounds, which were staggered all the way up, so dense that I couldn't count how many there were. How much do you give it? "A bowl a day, sometimes a bowl two days!" Xiao Bai dared not move and let him hold his arm. Without a word, he tucked her arm back into bed. He finally knew why she was so thin, her blood gas was insufficient, and she had been squeezed dry by the strange bird! She won't die. She's protected by the Gathering Curse. She can't die, but she can't die. This kind of torture is more painful! There must be someone else to feed them, but they can't help asking for blood like this. If they die, it's all over! But she still has to suffer! He looked down at her, and there was no fear of this memory in her eyes! Even, she still feels quite good! What is the name of the bird? How long have you been feeding? He whispered and then asked her. Master said, call Li son! Four years later, the master said that I had grown up and the blood was not working well, so he wouldn't let me feed it all! Xiao Bai answered. Four years! He sighed slightly, she fed for four years, a bowl a day! She has bled all her life, and no matter how she makes up for it later, she is also a thin one. Wang Ye! She suddenly opened her mouth and learned the name of others! She suddenly wanted to speak, he did not ask, she actually wanted to speak to him! She never takes the initiative to talk to people, and now she has changed! "Hm?" She brought back his flying mind and looked down at her. Xiaobai can feed birds, keep vigil and watch, and stay up all night! She actually began to put herself forward. Yes, she couldn't help it. Everyone here called her master. Her uneasiness had been magnified to the point that she couldn't bear it. The future she envisioned scared her, and she desperately needed a useful job! Anything, even if you say it now, you can play it for fun. Don't do it again. At this rate,pietra gray marble, she'll go mad! "Xiao Bai can't be killed either!" Then she added, and looked at him with her dark eyes, expecting his appointment.