White Moonlight [ancient through modern]

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White Moonlight [ancient through modern]White Moonlight [ancient through modern]

Cheng Yun hugged her up to make her more comfortable. She hung her head against her forehead and chuckled. "What should I do?" Su Kite held his face in his little hand and kissed the corners of his mouth: "Little brother, will you marry me when you grow up?"? When we get married, we can be together every day. Cheng Yun froze in place and did not dare to move. His heart beat so fast that it seemed to jump out of his throat. His earlobes were red. "Do you know what marriage means?" He said helplessly. Su Kite nodded earnestly, "I know. My brother just got engaged to Li Shilang's eldest daughter a few days ago. Miss Li is as old as I am.". She can marry her brother. Why can't I marry you? Cheng Yun does not know whether to laugh or cry. Marriage is far beyond his existing knowledge. Su yuan got up and kissed him again: "Little brother, how about it?" "Do you kiss people like that?" "No, I only kissed you. I can do whatever I want in my dreams. No one should admonish me for being undignified." "You can't kiss anyone in the future." "Oh, will you marry me?" Cheng Yun smiles, this is probably the dream that he has had the most unwilling to wake up: "Well, remember to come to me when you grow up." "Pull the hook." Cheng Yun stretched out his little finger and carefully hooked her little finger. He gave her a precious kiss between her eyebrows: "Thank you, Guan Guan." "Are you still cold, little brother?" "Not cold." Little brother, can you tell me a story? I like to listen to stories,Calacatta Nano Glass, but unfortunately no one tells them to me. "Well.." Once upon a time, there was a blue sea. The author has something to say: This article is from Chapter 34 has been replaced by a new chapter. The small theater is a brain hole that has nothing to do with the text. The age difference between Su yuan and Cheng Yun in the novel is six years, and the age difference between Su yuan and Cheng Yun in the dream is three years. (Maybe Guan Guan loves little Cheng Yun too much and wants to go back and hug him.) Chapter 55 Chapter 55 Paeonia lactiflora was in full bloom on the set of Xicheng's film, and Tao Sang made a temporary guest appearance in the role of Princess Ning, the mother of King Lanqi,Marble Granite Price, and had a scene with the female assassin played by Zhong Yi. After the end, Tao Jin ran over and pulled Tao Sang and said, "Sister, your appearance is really beautiful. It's a pity that Director Lin doesn't allow me to send shooting tidbits to my brother-in-law." Tao Sang's eyebrows were painted with flowers, and his head was full of pearls and emeralds. He walked with a ringing sound: "It's the same to watch the movie after it's released." Zhong Yi picked up the pink and purple peony flower in his hand, dressed in a grey gown, and looked like a chivalrous man. "How's it going?"? I'm a better match for your sister. Tao Jin said casually, "Every time, White Marble Slabs ,Agate Slabs For Sale, without exception, they love each other and kill each other. You and my sister are doomed to have no result." "Love and kill each other?"? So you're admitting that your sister and I are in love? So where do you put Ji Yu? Tao Jin commented coldly: "The essence of drama is the essence." Zhong smiled with a little charm at the end of her eyes. She threw the peony flower on Tao Jin and went to the rest area to drink tea. Although it has become a habit to be blackened, she still felt uncomfortable in the face of the overwhelming abuse on the Internet. How hot the "zero yuan" CP powder was, how tragic she was attacked. Tao Sang took her mobile phone and uninstalled Weibo mercilessly: "Since she can bring rhythm, you can too. Guan Guan will cooperate with you." Zhong Yi hugged Tao Sang's arm and said, "I'm sorry." "Are you polite to me?"? Ji Yu asked me last night if I needed him to come forward to help you terminate the contract. The top management is obviously standing on Chu Ying's side. Your star will be completely destroyed by them. Did you ask him? Master Ji doesn't pay attention to anyone else except you. Zhong Yi scooped up a spoonful of ice cream. "Forget it. I'll go to your studio to work. I haven't had a hard time. No matter how bad it is, it won't be worse than before.". Look at the respectful attitude of the people in the crew towards Chu Ying. They have nothing to fear when they tamper with the props. Maybe they really have a close relationship with Cheng Shao. Guan Guan looks so.. And she is a bit like, it is possible that Guan Guan is just a small substitute for Cheng Shaojin's house, she has been wronged enough by Chu Ying everywhere, don't mix her into my gossip whirlpool. Her fighting capacity is too weak to withstand cyber violence. Tao Sang said, "You have played many romantic novels, and your brain filling ability is first-class.". ” "I'm just stating the facts." Zhong Yi stared at Chu Ying, who was as white as snow in the sky, indignantly. "Why do you think I'm so unlucky? I've been cursed by God since I was born." "There are two words in the world called rebound from the bottom and happiness after suffering." Zhong Yi ate the ice cream in a sullen way and spread out the script full of notes: "Why hasn't Guan Guan come yet?"? Are you sick? I'll call and ask. "No, it seems to be coming." A Rolls-Royce was parked in a low-key way under the shade of willows. Su yuan was wearing an olive green long-sleeved dress, a beige Hepburn wide-brimmed hat, and a middle-aged man. People who often watch financial news are familiar with him. That is Cheng Qingrang, chairman of Huayue. Cheng Qingrang has an outstanding appearance, but he is more mature, stable and gentle when he is older. Every year, the financial summit is more prominent in the contrast of his peers with a big belly. The reason why Cheng Yun won the title of national husband without public appearance is entirely due to Cheng Qingrang's appearance. Parents' genes are there, presumably the son will not be too bad, not to mention the dual identity of the Jiang family and the Cheng family, can not be the chairman's wife, we naturally focus on the young lady. Of course, many vain people do not mind to be Cheng Dong's underground lover, but people with brains will not brazenly take the underground lover so ostentatious, can not help but have a variety of suspicions about the identity of Su Kite. There was a commotion on the set, and the producer greeted him with great trepidation: "Cheng Dong,white marble mosaic, why did you come to the set in person?" Cheng Qingrang said, "My wife was frightened all night when she saw the news on Weibo. If something happened in Guanguan, we didn't know how to explain to my son.". It's all right today. I'm more relieved to see it on the set. This remark was so serious that the producer broke down in a cold sweat and laughed: "We have asked the police to intervene in the investigation of this matter." 。 forustone.com