Notes of Lazy People in Online Games

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Notes of Lazy People in Online GamesNotes of Lazy People in Online GamesNotes of Lazy People in Online Games

Suddenly, the four messages in red letters exploded and cracked in front of Yu Qiu's eyes like a big explosion of thunder, which made her Tianlinggai roar. Yu Qiu suddenly felt cold fingers and the sequelae of hemiplegia-trembling for no reason. What kind of story is this? How did you get scolded for no reason? The scolding was so bad. There was no need to do that. Could it be that she was so bored in the middle of the night that she dreamed of digging the ancestral graves of others? What a deep hatred. "Xiaole, Feifei, you, you look at the world quickly." "What's the matter?"? I'm busy! I don't know who did it, but Yu Qiu had no time to take care of anything else. He just stared at the red font flying on the screen. The man named'Hua Tuo is alive 'was still shouting without sleep. [World] Hua Tuo is alive: Yu Qiu, I greet your eighteen generations of ancestors. You have the guts to be a bastard who has no guts to be recognized. Let me die and let everyone see what virtue you have!!! [The world] It's all right. Keep watch: I said this man, it's not good to have blood flowing at night. Calm down and stop scolding. Enough is enough to brush the world. Everyone is still waiting to do business. [World] The Best Profiteer in the World: Brother Watch, you are really my bosom friend. If you have advanced materials later, I will give you a discount of 9.99%! [World] P Dian P Dian: Ah Bah! Is there any difference between your discount and no discount? [World] Ah Bah: P Dian, I know you love me, don't shout all over the world ~ Hei Hei [World] P Dian P Dian: Don't flatter yourself. Let's cool off. [World] The Best Profiteer in the World: Of course! Maybe I don't need to give change. Oh, it hurts me to shout at the world. The strokes are all money. I'll withdraw first. [World] Hua Tuo is alive: I'm really sorry to disturb your business, but today I must destroy the momentum of Yu Qiu,outdoor digital signage displays, the dog swindler! Yu Qiu, get out of here quickly. Do you bring your seed or not? "Xiaole, Feifei, tell me how to call the world!" Yu Qiu was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan, but the two bad friends'turned a deaf ear to the outside of the screen,touch screen digital signage, and only put the copy down '. Quick, quick, quick, that BOSS is too insidious, unexpectedly brings the poison to me! "I can't get away from you typing and asking someone else for help!" "Xiaole, you are so mean that you forget your roommate when you see the captain!"! A typical example of valuing sex over friendship! "I am dizzy, BOSS put group attack, Feifei you pay attention to your blood bar, where so many complaints!" Yu Qiu rolled his eyes, knowing that he could not count on these two busy people. She raised her cheeks and looked feebly at the scarlet letter, which was still rapidly refreshing, information kiosk price ,face recognition identification, and her mood gradually calmed down. Anyway, she didn't kill the person, she didn't cheat the money, and she didn't rob the sex. There must be some misunderstanding! A few minutes later, Hua Tuo was still cursing one sentence after another in his life. Some of the other passers-by stopped after a few words of admonition had no effect. Some just thought that nothing had happened and that the sky was falling down and they had no worries about what they should say. Some tried to chat with Hua Tuo in his life but were ignored. Others began to scold why Hua Tuo was so boring in his life.. Others say that the world of online games is actually the essence of concentrated society. Countless typical'elites' gather together, and they have to do something if they have nothing to do. Otherwise, Jianghu Wulin is peaceful and not like the world. Yu Qiu thinks to oneself: "This word said so the artistic conception behind the net swims however, what calls to look for trouble without the thing?"? In fact, is not full of it … . Just like herself. It also belongs to a life that is too comfortable and has no waves, so it will pursue a kind of excitement by playing games. Who knows, this kind of atmosphere is really addictive. It seems that Chang Le and Xu Feifei's craziness is not without reason. [World] Qin Shi Mingyue: Hua Tuo is alive. You have scolded him for a long time, but you haven't seen Yu Qiu. Is that his full name? [World] Blessed and healthy: 9494, did you remember the wrong name? [World] Hua Tuo is alive: Damn, I can't even remember the name of the person who lied to me? I'm not stupid! [World] LuckyStar: Actually, I just wanted to say, Brother Hua Tuo, the person who cheated you is probably a trumpet. You are scolding him here for wasting money. Maybe his tuba is hiding in a corner and enjoying himself secretly. [World] P Dian P Dian: LS, you are really insightful! Onion white is ~ [World] It's a cool autumn: Xiaohua will come back to practice after venting. [World] Han Shiguan: Qin, why did you come to the world? [World] Hua Tuo is alive: That man is not a trumpet [World] Qin Shi Mingyue: Not a trumpet, not necessarily a commonly used number [World] Blessed and Healthy: 4242 ~ Brother Qin is right ~ [World] Frog Becomes Toad: Blessed MM, When Did You Become a Follower? [World] Blessed and Healthy: Dead Toad! You're in charge! Yu Qiuchang breathed a sigh of relief, she at this time to this person called'Qin Shi Mingyue 'has a kind of grateful sense of worship, although people simply do not know her said. But in any case, by his such a question, everyone's words diluted the previous irritable atmosphere, but also indirectly solved a matter that troubled her. Who wants to see their name frequently appear in a pile of foul language ah? Even though nine times out of ten the person who was scolded was someone else, Yu Qiu still felt very uncomfortable all over. It was the first time she had seen herself being scolded in her life! Still scold so much, it's so ugly. However, she could not hate Hua Tuo when he was alive. It's just a game. There must be something pitiful about a hateful person. I think he was also cheated out of something very important, and he was one of the victims. So, she forgave him with a big belly. However, after such an uproar, Yu Qiu affirmed two things: 1. She frequently shouted "brush the world" in the world, which can make the player famous (she is now deeply impressed by Qin Shi Mingyue and Hua Tuo); 2. In this game,Interactive digital signage, there is a cheater with the name of "Yu Qiu", who has the same name as her. It's so hateful! Don't let me touch you! Hum! Otherwise, he will be served with great punishment! Yu Qiu bit his lip and muttered fiercely. Don't be lazy with me. I'm too lazy to be lazy with you. (4) Join the club.