A record of survival in the last days

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A record of survival in the last daysA record of survival in the last daysA record of survival in the last daysA record of survival in the last days

By this time, Li Bingru had already finished her makeup. She turned around and said with a smiling face, "Husband, don't you think it's beautiful?" Looking at the beautiful woman's smiling appearance, Zhou Yulong instantly turned into a pig brother, murmuring: "Turn the essence, smooth and beautiful.". The words are not spoken, and the breath is like an orchid. He knew his wife was beautiful, but he didn't expect Li Bingru, who had made up lightly, to be three points more beautiful than before. What are you talking about? Li Bingru asked with a slightly red face. She knew that Zhou Yulong was praising her, but she didn't quite understand the meaning of these words. Zhou Yulong walked over and hugged Li Bingru's neck and said softly, "This is a sentence from Luo Shen Fu. It describes that your eyes are very bright, your skin is very smooth, and you are very beautiful!" Then he kissed Li Bingru mercilessly and said, "It's still very fragrant!" "Death, my makeup!" Li Bingru pushed Zhou Yulong shyly and said, "You slacker,decorative palm trees, you haven't washed your face and rinsed your mouth yet. Don't kiss me. My makeup is ruined!" "Women are the ones who please themselves!" Zhou Yulong laughed very wretchedly and asked, "Wife, do you know what another sentence is?" "I don't know, not interested!" Li Bingru looked at Zhou Yulong's strange smile and knew there was nothing good about it, so she simply ignored him. But Zhou Yulong's face was still beyond her imagination. He picked up Li Bingru and said with a lewd smile, "The next sentence is that a scholar who is a bosom friend will die!"! Ha ha ha Then he threw Li Bingru into bed. My makeup! Li Bingru only had time to exclaim and was pressed by Zhou Yulong. The sound of panting, sounded again … An hour later,artificial grass panels, Zhou Yulong lay beside Li Bingru and said with a smile, "This is my husband's love education. I tell you not to make up casually. Otherwise, it will not only attract zombies, but also sexual predators. Ha ha ha!" Li Bingru wiped the sweat on her forehead and said angrily, "You are the big lady-killer!" Then he seemed to feel that he didn't quite get rid of his hatred and bit Zhou Yulong's neck hard. "" The screams spread throughout the house.. "Lao Zhao, why don't you say Brother Long has come yet?" Li Decai asked while drinking tea. "They've been waiting here for almost an hour." Heh heh heh, Brother Long is busy every day and overworked. Of course, he has to have a rest! Zhao Guobin smiled wretchedly and emphasized the tone of the word "hard work". " Zhao Guobin, you NND speak ill of me again! How many times do you think I've caught you? Just then, Zhou Yulong opened the door and came in, laughing and scolding Zhao Guobin. Zhao Guobin did not dare to answer and could only smile shyly. He also did not think that he would be so unlucky, just tease the dragon elder brother a few words unexpectedly was heard by him. I don't want to talk to you! Zhou Yulong looked at Zhao Guobin's ugly face with a smile, and this fellow became more and more mature while his mouth became more and more boring. Looking at the people sitting in the monitoring room, fake blossom tree ,artificial plant wall panels, Zhou Yulong nodded and said, "Everyone is here. I have something to discuss with you now." Looking at a few men sitting upright, Zhou Yulong continued: "I looked at the list of supplies yesterday, a lot of food, but very few other things, especially snacks, drinks and other luxury goods, can not support everyone to use for long!"! Zhao Guobin, please report the quantity. Then he moved his eyes to Zhao Guobin. Yes! Zhao Guobin answered and took out the warehouse list and read: 2,800 bags of cooked food, 800 Jin of jelly food, 2,500 bags of puffed food, 1,000 boxes of large and small biscuits, 500 boxes of various instant noodles, 2,000 boxes of milk and yogurt food, 1,500 Jin of candy food, 3,500 bottles of beverage food, and several other things! Whew.. It's really a test of his vital capacity to report so many things in one breath. After Zhao Guobin sat down, Zhou Yulong went on to say: "Now there are 68 people in the camp, including 19 children who need to ensure nutrition supply. These foods will not last long.". ” Then he looked at the people next to him and asked, "What do you think?" "Should we give priority to ensuring the supply of children, limit the supply of others, and then go out to collect more materials?" Li Bingru thought about it and answered. We'll see. Does anyone else have a problem with that? Zhou Yulong shook his head. He didn't think it was a good idea. It was necessary to go out to collect materials, but it was also essential to reduce the consumption of materials. Just then he saw an uncomfortable expression on Zhao Guobin's face and asked by name: "Zhao Guobin, don't make a strange face. If you have any opinion, just say it!" Zhao Guobin was startled, did not expect Long Ge's eyes so sharp, even his own small movements were seen, so he stood up and said: "Long Ge, you want me to say I said!"! I think my sister-in-law's advice is so unfair! Then he peeked at Li Bingru and continued, "Why do we work so hard outside to collect supplies, but we can only have the same limited supply as them?"? How can we supply these lazy people with the food we fight for? What have they done since they came back yesterday? ? Eat or sleep! Some people actually speak ill of us! Then he sat down on the chair angrily. It seemed that he had been holding these words for a long time. Yeah, you're right! Zhou Yulong nodded, and he did not blame Zhao Guobin for refuting Li Bingru's opinion. Eh? Quite right? Zhou Guobin, who was sitting in a chair ready to be scolded, heard Long Ge's approval and did not come to his senses for a moment? Is there a conflict between Brother Long and his sister-in-law? Zhou Yulong comforted Li Bingru beside him and said,outdoor palm trees, "Don't mind what Chao Po-tao said. Although he spoke a little straight, his words were right." Then he lowered his voice and said, "The camp is not a charity. Our purpose is to enrich ourselves so that we can survive in this damned end of the world." 。 hacartificialtree.com