Lady, you are so rude.

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Lady, you are so rude.Lady, you are so rude.Lady, you are so rude.Lady, you are so rude.

I never thought about taking a concubine before, but later I learned that when my heart is full of one person, I have no extra effort to pay attention to other women, let alone take a concubine. So where did the child come from? "The soul is." Unexpectedly, the soul who had been watching the play silently opened his mouth and taunted his father, "Dad, you used to have a bad eye!"! The soul was ashamed to see it. "You-" Yang Yuer is not stupid, know what this little ghost means, almost angry lungs. What a sharp-tongued kid! He must be just like your mother, seducing married men! She threw back in his face the words that Qin Huai Shu had just replied to her, turned angrily and left the main hall. In this case, she also has her own way, no longer scruples. When she was far away, Qin Huai Shu sighed. Why did the innocent feather of the past become what it is today? Was it really an unhappy marriage that changed her? He looked down at his son, who was making a face, and smiled helplessly. She is indeed Tinger's child, as if she were her shadow. Soul, you shouldn't do this to an elder. Send a soul to want to rely on the ground to rub close father, "who calls her to bully father, bully Niang again!" "You." He spoiled his son's head, or did not forget to educate, "Not everyone can talk back like this,silk olive tree, you have to learn to restrain your emotions, so as not to suffer in the future.." "Oh, Dad's words are so profound that the soul can't understand them!" Sending the soul does not want to listen to the training, "the soul son is only a child, the father does not want to be too demanding." A child? Qin Huai Shu is very suspicious. Dad is the one who should be careful! I don't think my aunt will let my father go easily. Dad is like a chicken leg on the table of Luojiapu, and everyone grabs it. ······················ The ghost's words soon came true. In the dead of night, Qin Huai Shu was tired of reading in the study and was about to rest on the couch set up by Qin Chang when a red figure rushed in and quickly closed the door. Who He sat up from the couch, and the red shadow was already in his arms. It's a woman. The softness of his tentacles made him know that the person in his arms was a woman. Brother Huai Shu. The sweet voice made him know who the man was,large artificial blossom trees, and his face straightened. Cousin, what are you doing? Now a look, only to find that she was wearing only underwear, covered with tulle, almost naked! Qin Huai Shu's face sank even more and he pushed her away, even though she was desperately sticking to him. Huai Shu elder brother, feather son know since the cousin sister-in-law left, you are lonely and respect feather son will find that wild woman, but just as well, Huai Shu elder brother no longer need to endure, feather son is willing to give you. Yang Yuer lifted the layer of red tulle, which was the same as not, and her body, which was only wearing underwear, looked exquisite. Under the shade of the candlelight, faux ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, her skin looked crystal and soft, enough to make all men rush on impulsively. She also wanted to untie the slipknot on her neck, and when she took off her underwear, Qin Huai Shu noticed her hand in time, but at the same time sent herself to her body, falling into an embarrassing scene. Stop it, cousin! Qin Huai Shu, blushing with anger or shyness, shouted in a low voice, not wanting to wake anyone up, otherwise it would be impossible to argue. "Brother Huai Shu," Yang Yu'er fell into his arms and exhorted, "hold me." "Get off me!" He was really angry. Is this the woman he loved for years?! The soul is right, his vision is so bad that even a child is shy! "Huai Shu elder brother, the feather son knows you are shy, is a gentleman, but this is the feather son is willing, the cousin sister-in-law leaves so many years, Huai Shu elder brother is in the prime of life must be very uncomfortable?"? Feather is willing to be a concubine and serve you for her cousin. Brother Huai Shu fulfilled Yu'er's wish! After all, if it hadn't been for your parents, Yuer would have been your man. "You-" Qin Huai Shu is almost sad, "how can you become so shameless?!" "Feel free to scold brother Huai Shu!"! Feather really can't live without brother Huai Shu! Yang Yuer bit open his skirt and frightened him to let go of "defending chastity". Who knows this action instead gives Yang Yuer to be able to take advantage of the opportunity, both hands encircle his neck, just stick to his mouth to kiss forcibly. Diligent Huai Shu frightened, in a hurry, completely unable to play a man's natural advantage to push her away, but an unstable let her overwhelm on the couch. Jesus Christ! Somebody help him! Mouth suddenly came a strange feeling, Qin Huai Shu eyebrows a wrinkle, whether it will hurt her, he pushed hard! Yang Yuer staggered back to the ground with a proud smile on her lips. What did you give me?! He asked in horror. The thing had slipped down his throat, and he stroked it and glared at her. Heh heh heh. Yang Yuer stood up and let her beautiful body be exposed to the candlelight without feeling uncomfortable at all. Yang Yuer! "Brother Huai Shu, I don't want to do this either!" She smiled, and the smile gradually became distorted in the eyes of Qin Huai Shu. After all, it proves that my charm can't charm you, and Yuer will be very sad! She stepped forward and leaned against Qin Huai Shu. He tried to push her away, but suddenly realized that the strength of his hands and feet seemed to have disappeared and he could not lift them. You What did you give me to eat? "Brother Huai Shu," she caressed the outline of his face lovingly, "do you feel that your body is getting hot and you have no strength?" "You.." "Don't waste your efforts, brother Huai Shu." Yang Yuer's hand slowly reached into his skirt, pulled his clothes from inside to outside, revealing the white middle clothes inside, and then slowly took off his middle clothes. Do you feel hotter? He is only hot! Even the consciousness became blurred, and the figure in front of the clothes was shaking. In an instant, Qin Huai Shu knew what medicine he had taken. She. Unexpectedly use this kind of dirty means! You.. Stop it, get out! Diligent books can also control their consciousness not to be lax, but the physiological reaction can not be restrained. Hateful! He After all, it is not decisive and ruthless enough. Otherwise, Yang Yuer should have been locked in Suzhou Qinfu at the beginning,large palm trees for sale, so that she could live but lose her freedom. It's all his fault that he still cares about a little time, so he will fall into this situation today. He didn't want to marry her, not even as a concubine.