They were out of place, and they had already retired from their hearts. After finding out the truth, they had to stay out of it

The hunchbacked old man stared at the mule cart for a long time. Suddenly he laughed and said, "Before Jiang Xiandi's future, the old man can't take over. Since he has nothing to do, Luo Xiandi, we might as well guess what's hidden in the mule cart."? Is it worth Song Laoguai to go out in person so solemnly? By this time Song Qi had already calmed down. When he heard this, his anger surged. "Why don't you speak human language, Liao Tuozi?" He said with a sneer? Songmou has always been doing cases in secret, in order to save the face of friends on the road, afraid to blame me for Song Qitai's rampant publicity, hunchback, you guessed wrong! The Four Demons of Zhongtiao could not help shaking their chests. They took another look. It turned out that the hunchbacked old man was Liao Wentian, the "camel swordsman" of Megatron thirty years ago. He had a golden knife and a pair of fleshy palms. He was wearing black and white clothes. His fame was like the sky in the middle of the sun. Suddenly, he disappeared. It was rumored in Jianghu that he had died. Since then, his name has passed away like water. He has never been heard of No one remembered him, and he was expected to reappear in this Heluo Huguo Zen Temple tonight? Liao Wentian smiled proudly, nodded his head and said, "That's true, but the hunchback's eyes are like lightning. There must be something strange in the mule cart."! Song Laoguai, is the hunchback right? "Yes," said Song Qi with a sneer, "there is a wooden box in this mule cart. What is stored in the box is not rare." Liao Xianqing looked up and laughed and said, "If it's not a rare thing, why is it worth your attention?" Song Qi said angrily, "People in Wulin are particular about the distinction between gratitude and resentment. At the end of the past year, they received the kindness of others, and now they are entrusted with great trust. Not to mention a wooden box,heavy duty cantilever racks, even a bucket of water should be delivered without overflowing." Liao Wentian can not help but be stunned! He said with a smile, "I didn't expect you to be a grateful and courageous man."? Liao Mou is disrespectful! Tonight is Jiang Xiandi's invitation to help boxing. No matter what you say is true or false, you won't answer anything else! The moonlight was thick, and two swift shadows flashed out of the pine forest, falling in front of Liao Tuozi like a meteor. One of them said, "Master Liao, don't listen to old Song's lies. There must be a corpse in the trunk of the car!" Liao Wentian was greatly shocked that the "bear with a strange face" and the four demons could not help but change their faces. "Brother Liao," said the other fellow with a smile, "the one who came with the foolish brother is Wang Yifei,asrs warehouse, the teacher of the'Taihang Mianzhang '. He is resourceful and anticipates things like a God. The foolish brother admires him most." Liao Luqing folded his fists and said with a smile, "I've heard so much about you!" Then he turned his eyes and telegraphed Song Qi on his face and said, "Old Song, are you serious about what Teacher Wang said?" Song Qi looked up to the sky and said with a sneer, "Don't say no. It's just a corpse. What's the difference?"? But I don't know what Wang Yifei is referring to? Wang Yifei had already turned his face against each other. "Do you dare to open the box for a test?" He said with a snort in his nose. "Why not?" "Wang Yifei, you said there was a corpse in the box. You must know the name of the corpse."? Say it in front of all the heroes! Wang Yifei's complexion turned pale. Suddenly, he felt something like a gnat floating in the air and said in a voice, "It's crazy to be sad for a tiger." Eight characters into the ear, can not help but a strange cold on the spine, looking sideways. Suddenly, he raised a loud laugh and said, "It's meaningless. Why mention him?"? I, Jiang Huting, have been separated from Master Song for twenty years, but I have to meet again on Handan Road! "Teacher Jiang," said Song Qi, "you might as well tell us how to pay off this debt." An old man standing on Wang Yifei's left said with a smile, "In the martial arts world, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, there is only one best way to settle disputes. Why should Master Song ask questions knowingly?" Song Qi laughed and said, "Teacher Jiang is really a fast talker!"! But is Mr. Jiang only pointing at me tonight? If so, please let my men ride away. When Jiang Huting answered, there was a sudden sneer behind him, saying, "You've done your best to get rid of the evil. Don't ask for a spear in front of us!" Song Qi's face suddenly changed. He grinned grimly and said, "If you kill ten thousand people, you will lose three thousand. Before the five of me, Song Qi, are killed, you will inevitably be spattered with blood in the forest." As he spoke, he raised his hand, and the four demons shook their bodies, divided their positions, and gathered their strength to meet the enemy. Suddenly a clear laugh came from the forest and he said, "When will it be over?"? Before the land of the Buddha is purified, it is a sin to fight and fight. As he spoke, Lin Nei walked slowly out of Li Zhonghua, Lin Yinping, and Gu Xin. Jiang Huting stared at Li Zhonghua and was shocked! Secret way: "I arranged a lot of hidden stakes, are the choice of the moment, how can the three of them are ignorant to enter?"? Have you all been killed? "Taihang Mianzhang" Wang Yifei was so surprised that his face turned pale. He knew in his heart that the bearer must be Li Zhonghua, who was famous in the martial arts world. Just now, the sound of the ant language was that he showed himself. Wang Yifei's disposition is upright, just for the occasional small kindness from Sijie, Sijie's invitation, first, the situation is difficult, and then the feeling of virtue, in any case can not but come! Not yet to the capital, on the way to hear the capital in the palace fan of mutual strife, can not help but regret, already understand the intention of Sijie invited him to come. For fear of having too many eyes and ears in Beijing, Sijie contracted Wanping Jixiang Inn as a welcoming hotel. After Wang Yifei arrived at the Jixiang Inn, he saw that most of the people who had been invited to come were underworld figures. They were out of place, and they had already retired from their hearts. After finding out the truth, they had to stay out of it, so before Mou Chengyan's cemetery, they tried to stop the "God of Heaven" from letting go. After he returned to Jixiang Inn with "Tianjue Shenjun" and others, he said that he wanted to go to Yanjing alone to find out the whereabouts of Sijie's life and death. He said goodbye and left, but felt a little guilty. He met Jiang Huting in Guanzhong, Linluo. Jiang Huting invited him to help, but refused several times, so he had to come to Huguo Temple with Jiang Huting. Did not appear before, Liao Tuozi drink words have been into the ear, can not help but move in the heart, secretly suspected is the person who robbed the body of Mou Chengyan, can not help but reveal, to find out the answer in the other side's look. Ant language floating behind the ear, can not help but regret Meng Lang, in order to show off the quick tongue, called the disaster of life and death, see Li Zhonghua and other three people floating out, that is, the look changed greatly. But when Li Zhonghua got out of the woods, he didn't see an angry look on his face. Gradually,mobile racking systems, he was very calm. "Who is this?" Jiang Huting asked? Dare you tell me? Look at Zunjiaoqiyu Fangzheng. How can you associate with evil spirits? When Jiang Huting saw Gu Xin following Li Zhonghua, he knew that Song Qi had invited him to help him, so he asked him.