Immortal inverse

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Until the third day, Ma Liang looked around at the strange region outside the battlefield, the bottom of my heart began to beat a retreat,

The highest of these people is the later period of building the foundation. It is reasonable to say that with such cultivation, it is difficult to move an inch in this terrible extraterritorial battlefield. How can we complete the clean-up work. In fact, when entering a foreign battlefield, the country's supervisory emissaries will issue a jade amulet to each person. This jade amulet is used to defend against the wind, and is also a token sent back to the country after the expiration of the 50-year period. But for the mysterious, often silent space cracks that can appear anywhere outside the battlefield, the role of this jade amulet is minimal. Therefore, the extraterritorial battlefield, for these monks in the period of building the foundation, is still extremely dangerous, but if you are cautious and lucky, you can be safe and sound. Generally speaking, the survival rate of foreign battlefields is about 30%. Although not high, but compared to the cleaning here will get a lot of materials and magic weapons, those risks do not matter, Xiuxian people, this is to fight with heaven, the higher the risk, the greater the harvest naturally. And basically, those who return safely from foreign battlefields will always have a higher status than other disciples in their respective sects, and most of them can improve their cultivation when they return, far faster than in the sects. After all, outside the battlefield, the aura is extremely abundant, coupled with the perennial crisis of life and death, the cultivation of nature is rapidly improving. Basically, every time the clean-up work, someone will be successful,ceramic bobbin heater core, which is also one of the important reasons why the monks in the foundation period are not afraid of life and death. At this time, 67 degrees in the northeast corner of the battlefield outside the territory, a young man with a white face was digging with a knife on a huge floating corpse. If you look carefully, you will find that this man picked the huge armor seam on that man's body and cut it. It was obvious that he had taken a fancy to this armor. The armor on the body had been damaged in many places, showing signs of being burned, especially in the giant's chest, all broken, revealing a wound the size of a normal person's fist. In addition, in the giant's eyebrows, there is a hammer-shaped pattern,Kamado bbq grill, this pattern is relatively light, if you do not look carefully, simply can not see. This young man's name is Ma Liang. He is a monk of the third-level Xiuzhen National Fire Burning National War Temple. He has the cultivation of the middle period of building the foundation. He has been staying in the battlefield outside the country for more than 30 years. It can be said that he has rich experience. Need to explain here, the extraterritorial battlefield is a mysterious place, here, the face will not change, only in the moment of leaving, will be quickly excessive. As he was digging, his expression suddenly changed. The body immediately lay down, only to see from a distance, a rapid shot of ink, brush past him. The young man was stunned. He had just faintly seen that there seemed to be a bead in the ink light. Without saying a word, he quickly gave up the armor on the giant's body and ran after him. He has been in the extraterritorial space for more than 30 years, except for his peers. Although the living people did not see one, but their own enclave magic weapon, to see several times, but each time will cause a large number of peer robbery, Ma Liang once saw from a distance, at least more than a hundred monks in the late period of building the foundation, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,7g Ozone Generator, snatching a flying sword that they can fly. In the end, although no one grabbed it, Ma Liang heard people say. Those things that can fly by themselves mostly have material souls, and such treasures are extremely powerful. Ma Liang started his fastest speed and caught up with him. The more he chased him, the more excited he was, especially because it was relatively remote. He had been here for more than a year, but he had not met a colleague. Thinking of this, his heart beat faster. He secretly said that the young master's luck had come. If he could get the treasure and return to the school later, the younger martial sister would surely look at me with new eyes. When the time came, he would give the treasure to the headmaster and let him betroth the younger martial sister to me. Isn't it wonderful to be my double monastic companion. With fantasy, Ma Liang used his strength to chase out. But the speed of the ink bead is too fast, Ma Liang did not chase for many years, was pulled far away, Ma Liang gritted his teeth, from the storage bag to take out the same item. The object is a shuttle. The whole body is red, and a trace of heat emanates from it. This is when Ma Liang was cleaning up the battlefield outside the country. The biggest harvest, he usually dare not take out, for fear of being taken away, but now see the ink light speed is too fast, the baby will disappear from the eyes, he is not reconciled, also can not care a lot, take out the shuttle to throw forward. The shuttle immediately grew several times larger, buzzed, and rushed forward at a very fast speed. Ma Liang has long been in the shuttle into the earth moment, lying on the top of the dead embrace, he only felt the wind blowing, like a fist on the body, eyes finally opened, in a twinkling of an eye with the ink light a lot closer to the distance. With excitement, Ma Liang held the shuttle in his arms and quickly approached it. Time passed quickly. With the shuttle, Ma Liang would not lose the ink light, but if he wanted to surpass or intercept it, he could not do it in any case. He could only keep the distance one after the other. Until the third day, Ma Liang looked around at the strange region outside the battlefield, the bottom of my heart began to beat a retreat, to know that in the foreign battlefield, the most dangerous in addition to the wind and space cracks, is to come to a strange place. Strange, represents a lot of meaning, here may suddenly appear a lot of space cracks, swallow everything, Ma Liang heard the old man said before, the battlefield outside the country is too big, they clean up only a small part of it, only this small part, there are several places will appear a lot of space cracks. Is hesitating, Ma Liang suddenly found in front of a row of dense white thin strip, a look at this thin strip, Ma Liang look changed, immediately control the shuttle, forced to stop, quickly retreat. That white thin strip, he is too familiar with, that is the space crack, this space crack just appeared, just like this, I believe that soon, those thin strips will become bigger and bigger, and eventually completely form a huge crack,Ozone generator ceramic plate, devouring everything. Ma Liang looked around with a pale face and found that there was only a space crack in front of him. He breathed a sigh of relief and said with a wry smile, "That's all right. It's not worth losing my life for a treasure who doesn't know what it does. I haven't practiced with my younger martial sister yet. If I die like this, I'll die in my grave. That's all. I won't chase him." 。