Zhang Mao suddenly retreated and turned his face sideways.

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In a short breathing time, Zhang Mao's face suddenly turned red, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Zhang Mao suddenly retreated and turned his face sideways.

Suddenly, the eyes of one of the two minions widened, and the lightning flashed in the sky, illuminating the frightened expression on his face. He stretched out his finger behind the white cherry, and his voice was hoarse: "Look behind you!" The back of the neck of the white cherry was cold, and a great sense of crisis came to her. In a flash of lightning, she thought that behind her was Zhang Mao, a silent and unpredictable night God! Night God Zhang Mao is certainly a dangerous person, his memory will not be restored is a barrier, he does not believe that Bai Luoying is his lover. Bai Luoying could not see it from his calm face all day! White Sakura did not know what the night God was thinking all day, when one of the minions reached out behind her, White Sakura's first reaction was the variable of the night God! She stood alert and turned around. In the twinkling of an eye, the night God looked coldly, and as soon as he lifted his hand, the silver-black iron ridge on his hand pointed to the tiger "prick" twice, and two sharp silver needles flew out and stabbed the white cherry. Bai Luoying's heart jumped to her throat: "… …!" He's trying to kill me! She looked at his handsome, tall and thin figure, and at the cold and merciless eyes of the night God Zhang Mao. He was still as expressionless as ghosts and gods, and he took two steps forward, bringing a ferocious spirit that made Bai Luoying breathless. Under his pressure, Bai Luoying wanted to lift her flute to resist, but her hand trembled and the opportunity was missed. Two silver needles flew to her! She really wants to kill her! What to do,304 Stainless Steel Bar, what to do.. The silver needle pressed against the girl's beautiful but pale cheek and continued to fly back. The broken hair on the girl's cheek was blown up by the wind, and it was very cool. There were fine beads of sweat on the girl's back. She suddenly looked back and saw the two minions who had turned around to escape and even climbed up the window lattice and were about to jump out. They were hit one after another. The silver needle pierced the bodies of Ren Yi and Lu Jia, and the two minions fell stiffly to the ground with a snort. Night God Zhang Mao put down the Iron Finger Tiger and stepped forward absentmindedly: "Want to escape under my eyes, look down on me.". Bai Luoying's breathing was disordered, her face was pale, and her forehead was covered with sweat. Night God crouched on the ground to check the two traitors, suddenly turned his head and looked at her strangely: "Are you sick?" White Sakura: "No …" No Zhang Mao frowned, wondering why she was panting so much in just a few steps. Question his ability? Bai Luoying stared at him and bit the lips as bright as cherry petals. The sense of absurdity lingered, her mind was blank,304 stainless steel wire, she could not think about anything, she only felt full of fear and sadness. The white saint's lips trembled slightly and her voice trembled. "Just now, just now you raised your hand to me. I thought you were going to kill me.." Zhang Mao is silent, then angry: "I want to kill you, need to do it at this time?" "Are you my lover or not?" The white saint reacts: "I am!" The night God sneered and stood up. Half an hour later, Ren Yi and Lu Jia, two traitors of the Demon Gate, did not find a chance to defend themselves at all, because no one listened to them. With a cold face, Zhang Maohan found a rope to tie the two of them together and tied a knot. Zhang Mao has a ferocious look, a high nose and tight lips, which makes him look very scary. Bai Luoying followed him tirelessly and explained to him in a low voice: "I was scared by you. You didn't even open your mouth, so you made a move to me.". I saw two needles come out of you and rush towards me. What am I supposed to think? Don't be angry, you are really my lover! "You are my lover," said Bai Luoying in a charming voice. "Are you my lover?" Said Bai Luoying carefully. White Sakura: Hello! You are my lover! The night God ignored her chatter. He was busy before and after. He tied them together. He led the rope. Zhang Maocai was satisfied with the confirmation that they could not run away. The girl behind him was still following him. Zhang Mao said carelessly, 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, "Are you my lover? I'll go back and check it out." He wants to check?! Bai Luoying was frightened, and then frightened! No, no, no, he can't do that. If he knew it was a lie, he would hunt her to the end of the earth. Being chased by the number one killer in Jianghu, this feeling makes Bai Luoying lose her sense of security! Bai Luoying rushed over and grabbed Zhang Mao's hand. At ordinary times, Bai Luoying was always three steps away from the man, and did not dare to approach him at all. Suddenly, two people stand face to face, body close to each other, four eyes and look. Zhang Mao was stunned, and the hands clasping the rope head were loosened because of stiffness. They stood under the eaves, and the rain slanted in from outside, wetting the girl's eyelashes. The beautiful girl raised her face, her eyes were clear and clear, black and white. Her breath was entangled with him at close range. Zhang Mao held his breath and watched her look up. "You are my lover," he said earnestly. Zhang Mao, holding his breath: "… …" In order to persuade him, Bai Luoying stood on tiptoe, and under the shrinking eyes of the night God, she approached him and stuck to him. Her lips, which were as beautiful as flowers, were attached to his lips, and there was no gap between them. Bai Luoying's lips opened and closed, touching him lightly and again. She was pious and attentive, and the rain made her eyelashes wet, her face cold, and her lips burning. "Yelang, you are my lover." Like a swift flying out of the water, flying into the sky, after hovering, the swift shakes its wings, and then gently falls on his shoulder, into his heart. In a short breathing time, Zhang Mao's face suddenly turned red, and he suddenly felt uncomfortable. Zhang Mao suddenly retreated and turned his face sideways. The cold iron finger tiger in his hand touched his hot face. Under the gaze of the white girl, he lowered his head and said vaguely, "Oh, oh, oh." "Do you still want to check me?" Asked Bai Luoying. "No, don't check." Ten miles share the same rain, a thousand miles share the same moon. It was raining heavily on Luoyan Mountain. The night God Zhang Mao and the saint Bai Luoying were still wandering at the foot of the mountain to investigate the situation. Jiang Sheng led his disciples on horseback through the dense forest and the undulating yellow earth, and rushed to Jiang's home in Guanzhong. At the same time, in different places, it was only slightly overcast near the Quwo section, and the rain had not yet started. And Xie Wei, the elder of the Zhenyang Sect, with his disciples, is looking for traces of people near Quwo. There are thousands of mental skills of Qinggong,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, but I teach this skill, and among so many mental skills, it should be the best. Nvyao talked loudly. sxthsteel.com