Divine Seal Throne-Tang Jiasanshao

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A 9th rank, 2nd rank dark creature that already has a realm dark creature.

Mo Wu was shocked because he didn't know how Cai Er got out of the black prison. The black prison cage is the ninth order of imprisonment magic! And it seems that Cai'er has been there all the time before, and there is no action! How could he know how powerful Cai'er was after Xiu Wei broke through the ninth rank? At the moment when she was a general in the black prison cage, she used the skill of Fen Shen, which was used at the same time as stealth. Changing someone else's doppelganger can't last long, and it will be discovered by the magician's keen perception, and even the body can't escape the lock of the black prison cage. But Cai'er is different. She is a saint of reincarnation. She has the power of purification. As the most gifted assassin, if she can't break away from her opponent's lock, she doesn't deserve to be called a reincarnation saint. However, in order to maintain the stability of the doppelganger, she can not act rashly after breaking away, otherwise the doppelganger will disappear immediately. It was not until Mo Wu summoned Darkseid to attack her doppelganger that Cai'er suddenly launched. However, Mo Wu's sensitive judgment was extremely accurate, and he broke away again at the moment when he was about to be hit by Cai'er through a skill similar to teleportation. Nevertheless, his skirt was soaked with cold sweat. If he was one step slower, Cai'er's attack would fall on him and the winner would be decided. Darkseid obviously felt something was wrong, and a dark purple light came out of his chest, not at Cai'er, but at Mo Mist, who had moved in front of him. In a flash of light and shadow, Mo Mist disappeared into the dark purple light of Darkseid. It seems to be similar to Chen Hongyu before. In this way, unless Ze'er defeats Darkseid, she will not be able to attack Mo Wu. This is also what Mo Wu can not think, for him, the best situation should be that Darkseid attacks Ze'er, and he restores his spiritual power on his altar field. In that case, given time, he might even be able to summon another Darkseid. Not now,304 Stainless Steel Wire, into the body of Darkseid, although he can command Darkseid, but the spiritual power can not be restored, let alone use that realm, can only hope that the Darkseid can defeat Cai Er. For the ability of Darkseid, Mo Wu also has a certain confidence, in any case, this Darkseid also has the strength equivalent to the second level of the ninth order. Although Cai'er's Aion shocked the audience yesterday, it was equipment after all, and it was not allowed to be used in the individual competition. Can an assassin defeat the heavily armored Darkseid with his bare hands? "Hidden?" There was a sneer at the corners of Cai'er's mouth. Of course, she knew that the biggest competitor they came back this time was the Magic Temple. She would not show any mercy to the magicians of the Magic Temple. The scythe of death, transformed by the purifying light, slowly raised, and instead of flying again, 304 Stainless Steel Coil ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, she ran towards Darkseid. Death sickle was dragged behind her, Cai Er's eyes also turned white, stunning beauty, cool temperament, coupled with the huge sickle. It forms a beautiful and strange picture. And her opponent's armor is also very dazzling. But in front of this scene, virtually the vast majority of spectators can not help but put faith in Cai'er. After all, they hated the dark creatures, not to mention that Cai'er was so beautiful and young. With a flash of purple light in his eyes, Darkseid stamped his right foot heavily and rushed to meet Cai'er, holding the huge purple and black epee in both hands and making an upward movement. The most terrible thing about Darkseid is that he can use his dark spiritual power very concisely. Spiritual power is not released, but attached to the weapon, but the explosive power is much stronger. Cai'er did not dodge, nor did she use any skill. The sickle in her hand cut down brazenly. The white light rose all over her body, and the momentum reached its peak in an instant. Overlord Chop! This is the skill made by the overlord thorn, which is used by Cai'er at this time, and her whole person is filled with an indescribably powerful and domineering spirit. Ding "In the crisp collision sound, the death sickle in Cai'er's hand appeared to collapse, after all, this is not the real death sickle, but the condensation of spiritual power, in attack and defense, it is far from the God level death sickle.". However, the Darkseid did not feel well, and it was clear that when the two collided, the purple and black breath on his body rose completely backward, as if to break away from him. At the same time, his actions are stagnant. Cai'er was unreasonable, her body jumped high, and a sickle of death condensed in her hand, a leisurely white light flashed in the air, and even a harsh tearing sound appeared in the sky. With a bang, it split on the opponent's epee. Darkseid gave a low roar, and the purple and black light and fog surged, as if countless black shadows had spread from him. All the purple and black bubbles boiling on the earth rushed up and turned into countless purple and black lights interwoven in the air. Realm. This is Darkseid's realm. No one knows the name of this realm, but there is no doubt that it is a group attack level realm. It turned out that the black bubbles just now did not belong to Mo Wu, but to the Darkseid. A 9th rank, 2nd rank dark creature that already has a realm dark creature. The dark summoning of this mist is even more terrible than the summoner of the Temple of the Soul. But the more shocking scene is behind. When Cher's body reappeared, it was about ten meters above Darkseid's head. Darkseid's realm has broken out. It's an all-out attack realm, and there's no room to dodge. Mo Wu is ready, as long as Cai Er can not hold on, immediately stop the attack. But the next scene was unforgettable for him. Suspended in midair, Cai'er once again made the action of folding her hands, and the clean white light turned into petals and sprinkled downward. A strange scene appeared. As soon as the purple and black light of Darkseid's realm came into contact with these white lights, it immediately turned into nothingness and dissipated. The white petals flew down more and more, and the dark purple light became less and less. It was like a flower of purification suddenly blooming in the endless darkness,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, bringing hope to all. In that strange purification, all the darkness is transforming into nothingness, gradually showing the taste of light. sxthsteel.com