The struggle of ordinary citizens

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Shi Lei knew that this was probably the last chance for the investigation department, so Shi Lei said respectfully, and then withdrew from Sima's study and began to dig out the sand.

After getting off the tram, Li Qingyang wandered carelessly in the street alone. From time to time, he would enter some storefronts and look at the goods inside. For Li Qingyang, who lives in the northwest and has no friends, shopping and reading on weekdays is Li Qingyang's way of passing the time as a big man. Boss, do you have this pair of cloth shoes in size 3! Take a pair and I'll try it on. Looking at a pair of black cloth shoes with Melaleuca soles in a cloth shoe store, Li Qingyang picked up the shoes and asked the shopkeeper with a professional smile on his face. The shopkeeper greeted them hurriedly, and then took out a pair of cloth shoes from behind a few seconds later. Sir, you know the goods. These cloth shoes are good for your feet. Although I have so many leather shoes and rubber shoes in this shop, those who really know the goods can buy the cloth shoes with Melaleuca soles, which are all serious local goods. The old shop of shoes bowed and bowed with a professional smile, praising Li Qingyang's vision to promote their own goods. Boss, your mouth is slippery, but this shoe is like what you said is a serious local product, the needle leg is also good, this pair of shoes for me to wrap up! Li Qingyang tried on the shoes. The hand-made cloth shoes were very comfortable to wear. They were much more comfortable than the leather shoes issued by the army. Li Qingyang bought a pair without hesitation. Then he took out some money from his wallet and put it on the counter, then he left the shoe store with cloth shoes wrapped in paper. Take care, sir! The shopkeeper who successfully sold a pair of shoes still had that kind of Philistine and vulgar smile on his face, greeted the customers who were going out, put the money in his pocket at the same time, and then sat in the shop with a smile for the next business. Boss, according to the information we have,calcium nitrate sol, the Japanese General Staff Headquarters and the Manchurian Railway Investigation Department a month ago. Send a large number of spies to the northwest. These spies include both Japanese and Chinese. After nearly two months of infiltration, we are sure that more than 40 Japanese spies or Chinese serving Japanese intelligence agencies have entered various parts of the northwest, mixed with enterprises and agencies. We cannot rule out that some of them have infiltrated into the border guards! We're slacking off! I will take full responsibility! In the study of Sima's residence, Shi Lei made a report in a tone of self-reproach. Recently, with the emergence of the military intelligence agency, Shi Lei, the boss of the northwest intelligence community, felt an unprecedented pressure. In order to highlight the ability and achievements of the investigation department, the investigation department has recently devoted almost all its energy to the Far East, Siberia and Central Asia. It is precisely because of this that the Japanese have an opportunity to take advantage of it. Had it not been for some inaccurate information from the dark line inside the Manchurian Railway, I'm afraid the investigation department is still in the dark, and Shi Lei knows that he has no excuse to explain this mistake except for self-reproach. What kind of losses the Japanese spies will cause at that time is beyond Shi Lei's estimation. Because of this, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Shi Lei will say so at this time. Four stones, I will write this down for the time being. You have to check what the Ministry of Investigation has been doing recently. The establishment of the Military Intelligence Bureau by the Frontier Defense Command is based on military needs. Doesn't the National Defense Science and Technology Commission also have a science and technology information center? No one will ignore the contribution and role of the investigation department. This Japanese infiltration is a lesson, and I hope you can learn from it. Now that we know. So what you're doing now is not blaming yourself, but digging them out, and I will inform the internal security team to strengthen the security work of important institutions. Ok! You stand down! Just do your job. Listening to Shi Lei's accusation, Sima Zhengse said that in recent months, Sima had more or less heard about the secret war between the Investigation Department and the Military Intelligence Bureau, which belongs to the Frontier Defense Staff Department. The fundamental reason is very simple, that is, a dominant idea makes trouble. The Investigation Department believes that the existence of the Military Intelligence Bureau has violated its own interests and territory. That's why they wanted to suppress the newly established Military Intelligence Bureau everywhere. As a result, they ignored the power of the Northwest Counterintelligence while investing in foreign countries, which led to this situation. But Sima is not prepared to ask for punishment on this matter, the competition between the investigation department and the military intelligence agency is a good thing, but there must be a degree, early Sima had wanted to find an opportunity to remind the investigation department, now the Japanese intelligence agencies to infiltrate the northwest, gave Sima Zhao heart a good chance, Sima hope that after this time, Shi Lei and the investigation Try to avoid such mistakes in the future. Please rest assured that I will clean up all the sand seeped in by the Japanese as soon as possible, and will never leave any future trouble! For the light words of the boss in front of him, Shi Lei knew that this time the boss was using this to remind himself. If he made the same mistake again, according to the character of the boss, Shi Lei knew that it was estimated that there would be a security agency or something like it quietly set up in the northwest to be used for the security work in the northwest. Shi Lei knew that this was probably the last chance for the investigation department, so Shi Lei said respectfully, and then withdrew from Sima's study and began to dig out the sand. At this time, under the night, the northwest is completely covered by colorful neon lights, which is different from Shanghai, which is also a city that never sleeps. The night in the northwest is dazzling, but this dazzling is a symbol of prosperity, not luxury. Many people who have lived in Shanghai can tell the difference between the two cities that never sleep. The dog takes the mouse! Thinking that she had been ordered by the community supervisor to work as a volunteer for 60 hours because the kitchen was not clean enough, Wang Chien-yi, who was walking on the sidewalk under the neon lights, couldn't help but want to scold her mother. Sixty hours, according to two hours a day, would take a month. At first, it was only 20 hours,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, because she didn't want to waste her time on such meaningless things, so Wang Qianyi tried to take two yuan to ask the health supervisor to accommodate her, but she didn't expect that 20 hours turned into 60 hours. Neuropathy! Chop suey! Bitch! 。