Female Psychologist Settles a Case in Jianghu

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How is the elder sister? "Why can't he come up and talk properly?" Ji Shiba asked the Bai family seriously.

After chatting with Ran Feize, Su Xiaopei knew that half a year had passed since she and Du Chengming fell off the cliff. After falling off the cliff, everyone immediately went down the cliff to look for it. After half a day, it was already dark before they found Du Chengming's body. Everyone persisted in searching for two days without finding Su Xiaopei. Some people said that the body might have been taken away by wild animals, while others said that it might have fallen into a deeper cliff crevice and could not be found. Only Ran Feize, when everyone announced that he could not find it again, said that Su Xiaopei was not injured, when he fell off the cliff, he saw clearly that she was not injured, but fell down. There was an emergency in her hometown, and her fellow countrymen did not want to show up and quietly took her away. He spoke with certainty, but unfortunately no one believed him. Everyone thought he was too sad to comfort himself. Unexpectedly, after such a long time, Su Xiaopei actually came back. "This Ran Fei Ze is so proud that if he gives birth to a tail, he will go up to the sky." I'm sorry When Su Xiaopei was alone with Ran Feize, he couldn't help saying this to him. She must have made him sad. It doesn't matter. Ran Feize put her red bracelet back on as if nothing had happened. I found the bloody clothes, but not your people, I know,calcium ammonium nitrate price, you are right, you must be safe and sound back home. You have nothing to do, you have nothing to do, I am good, I hid your things, did not teach other people to see, your bracelet,potassium sulphate fertilizer, I also keep it, you said you would come back, I am not sad, I wait for you. Su Xiaopei smiled at him and did not tell him that Ji Jiawen had secretly pulled her aside as soon as he saw her, saying that he had seen his predecessors several times holding a thin red line and wiping tears from their eyes. She did not tell Lou Lidong that as soon as he saw her, he shouted exaggeratedly that when she was not there, Ran Feize was so diligent that he not only cast his lies, but also cast two strange blades. He has quite a lot of money now. Lou Lidong whispered, then changed his tone, "but now that you're back, that fellow will be lazy again.". Fortunately, fortunately, hey, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,caustic calcined magnesite, can I show you my ghost hand? This is the most skillful weapon in the world. Unfortunately, when he said this, Ran Feize came over and drove him away without hesitation. Now he is not comfortable to see who pesters his girl to talk, obviously just came back not much, how these people do not have a vision frame, do not see that he and the girl need to be alone? But Xiao Qi came, Jiang Weiying came, and even Bai Yulang came. By the way, speaking of Bai Yulang, he is probably one of them who has changed a lot. He was transferred to Pingzhou City as a servant. Of course, you can't be a police officer, but you can be a big police officer. The incident of Du Chengming in Pingzhou City alarmed Jianghu and the imperial court. The imperial court sent a special envoy to Pingzhou City to investigate and clean up the officials, and the Jianghu factions also took this opportunity to carry out a major purge. The head of Shensuan changed hands, Gu Kang was killed, and the disciples who were loyal to Gu Kang were also wiped out. The unsolved case of Jiuling Taoist's death also came out from Gu Kang's mouth. At that time, it was Fu Yan who led Jiuling Taoist to the edge of the forest. Cao He Dong attacked the killer secretly, and then led the organ to disguise himself as being stabbed in the back and died. Because of this, Cao Hedong was also pulled out. It turned out that he had been coveting the position of the leader of the martial arts world, but it was not his turn in terms of seniority and prestige. Because of this, he was used by Du Juming. After the downfall of Cao Hedong, more people involved in Jianghu factions were pulled out one after another. Jianghu has been very turbulent in the past six months. Many sects have changed, and new alliance forces have been born. And because of the battle with Du Chengming, Xuanqing Sect was firmly in the position of the largest faction in Jianghu, and Jiang Weiying became the new leader of Wulin Alliance. Because of this, Bai Yulang volunteered to come to Pingzhou City to fill the vacancy. He said that he had learned a lot from Chief Qin, but he still hoped that he could come out and practice more. Du Chengming's case made him more firm in his belief that the little captor could also deal with the injustice in Jianghu. No matter ordinary folk or Jianghu, as a captor, if there are evil people, they will dare to catch them. So he felt that the delicate location of Pingzhou City was more suitable for him, so he came. I'm bored to death. Ji Shiba expressed his opinion that Bai Yulang was too close to Wuzhen. Why doesn't the Bai family catch him and go back to inherit the family business? It was Xiao Qi who asked Bai Laosi and Bai Laoda in front of everyone. They were also working in Wuzhen. We can't afford to lose our family business. "Bai Laosi shook his head and sighed." Brothers in Wulin, you should bear more. " At this time, a group of people were setting up a table of wine outside Ran Feize's cabin to discuss the marriage of Ran Feize and Su Xiaopei. Just then Bai Yulang came. He rode his horse and ran excitedly in this direction. "Uncle Ran, is the elder sister back?"? How is the elder sister? "Why can't he come up and talk properly?" Ji Shiba asked the Bai family seriously. The eldest brother and the fourth brother of the Bai family picked up food and drank wine, pretending not to hear. Bai Yulang jumped off his horse and saw Su Xiaopei on the table. He burst out laughing: "Sister, sister, you are really like a monster." Su Xiaopei originally saw that he had grown taller and stronger, and smiled happily at him, but when he heard this, he immediately stopped laughing, or bowed his head to eat vegetables. Bai Yulang didn't mind either. He squeezed over to sit down, and all the people at the table stared at him. What to do? Bai Yulang was puzzled. Don't you see our table of Jianghu swordsmen? Why are you squeezing? Everyone gave him a look of "not a passer-by". Bai Yulang lowered his head and looked at his clothes. He was very unconvinced. "What about the elder sister?"? She's also a knight-errant? "I am a monster." Su Xiaopei gave him an expression of "I have no way to integrate into the collective like this." Squeezing out officials?! Bai Yulang was run every time,Magnesium Sulphate producer, every time he was not convinced, and every time he had to come over. With a snort, he took the bundle and went to Ran Feize's room. He must have gone to change again. "Why doesn't he learn to be clever and change before he comes?" "For he rejoiced in his captors' clothes." "It's really strange." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com