Face-Changing Samurai [Finished] Author: Dance

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The king smiled and patted Roddy on the shoulder. "Did you see the eyes of those people?"? How interesting..

The king sighed, pointed at Seth and said with a wry smile, "This is Miss Nicole, the eldest daughter of the Tulip family of the Empire of Light." As soon as Seth saw Ruolan, the expression on his face suddenly stiffened, and then he squeezed out a smile from the corners of his mouth: "This must be Her Royal Highness." The princess opened her big mouth. Seemed to smile and "make out" about to go to Lasseter's hand. Seth seemed to tremble all over, retreating without showing any trace, but retreating behind the crown prince. If that charming and gorgeous Nidis just now, he would still be interested in flirting with Seth, but this princess. It's better to run away. The king seemed to be accustomed to these actions of Ruolandi, but he lowered his face and said lightly, "Miss Nicole is a distinguished guest of the Empire of Light.". Princess, please pay attention to your manners! The implication is that others can molest you at will. This woman has a special status, but she can't be provoked. Ruolan curled her lips, looked coldly at her husband, and was about to say something when she suddenly saw the right phase frowning and shaking her head. Ruolan still wanted to listen to his father's words, and took another hard look at Seth, and finally stopped talking. Roddy sighed,Automated warehouse systems, looking at the king's eyes with a bit strange-there is such a "princess", is the king out of his mind? In Roddy's opinion. I'm afraid no one in the world can "deserve" this Miss Ruolan. Uh Maybe there's another person. Roddy couldn't help but think of an equally fat face in his mind. "Roddy, I have something to say to you." The king motioned with his eyes and took two steps away from Roddy. Whisper: "a little while, may have a bit of thing, you must cooperate with me at that time." "What?" Roddy frowned. The king's face did not change. "I have invited two distinguished guests tonight.". Something interesting is going to happen here later, and you'll see. Only The king suddenly laughed and said,pallet rack shelving, "No matter what happens later, if you see me nodding to you, you must not refuse!" Roddy was about to ask, suddenly heard the hall outside the Chamberlain loudly announced: "Elder Guming of the Temple Council, Lord Fielding Paladin!" There was an uproar in the noisy hall!!! Roddy looked at the king and his eyes suddenly shrank! People from the temple? Paladin?! With a smile on his face, the king said in a loud voice, "Please welcome Elder Guming, Lord Fielding Paladin!" There was silence in the hall, and many envoys of Roland's various kingdoms moved out of the way to both sides, focusing their eyes on the door of the hall. Sure enough, two men came in from outside the door. An old man in a white robe, with a thin face, a pair of white eyebrows hanging slightly, push back racking system ,metal racking systems, and a calm face, seemed to be oblivious to the people around him. Behind him, the tall man in golden armor was Fielding, the paladin Roddy had seen at the gates of Thunder! Fielding and Roddy seemed a little different now when they met him at the gates of Thunder. His long brown hair had been cut off, making him look even tougher and more capable. And the magnificent beard was shaved off, making his face look a little indifferent. In fact, at the moment, Fielding's expression was cold, his eyes were calm, and he suddenly did not care about the eyes of the people around him. Roddy's heart suddenly tightened. Fielding's breath at the moment is completely different from what it was at the beginning! At the beginning, Fielding was in high spirits and indomitable spirit, with the fierce murderous look and strong self-confidence of a proud soldier. But now when he looked at Fielding again, the breath of his whole body was restrained, as quiet as a pool of stagnant water, without any sound. If we say that Fielding, who fought with Roddy at the gates of Thunder, was like an unsheathed sword, shining in all directions. Now Fielding is like a sword in a scabbard. Roddy felt a strange feeling in his heart-now Fielding, there was a faint feeling like Roddy saw Mr. Qiu for the first time! Guanghua is introverted! Listening to Miaosi say this, Fielding will do penance behind closed doors after he comes back from defeat. Roddy can be sure that his strength has been further broken through at a glance at the moment! Perhaps it was the blow of defeat at the gates of Thunder, especially losing to his rival in love, which became the driving force for his breakthrough! Fielding, who was indomitable and would not tarnish his dignity even if he was defeated, seemed to have disappeared. In front of this Fielding, the breath on the body actually some. Sullen! After a brief silence in the hall, the faint crowd began to talk uneasily. No one expected that someone from the temple would appear on such an occasion tonight. To put it simply, tonight's guests are envoys from the many kingdoms of Roland, who have gathered in the capital of Sauron to discuss how to unite against the temple! Now the king had invited all the people from the temple, and some of them could not help shooting at the king with angry eyes. Roddy frowned and said in a low voice, "Your Majesty, did you invite them?" "Yes." The king smiled and patted Roddy on the shoulder. "Did you see the eyes of those people?"? How interesting.. The elder Guming and Fielding walked directly towards the king, and where they passed, the people retreated to make way. The king's face did not change. "Remember what I just said," he said in a low voice. When he had said this, he went up to meet him with a smile and shouted, "Elder Guming, Lord Fielding, you two are late tonight!" "Sire, I have come to Sauron by order of the Council, and I have brought you a letter from the Council." The Guming spoke first. Unlike his appearance,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he had a very sweet and soft voice: "With regard to the apostasy of the Holy Muses of the Temple of Roland in the Kingdom of Sauron, I am now ordered by the Council of Elders to take over the religious affairs of the Kingdom of Sauron!" Roddy noticed that Fielding's eyes were still as calm as water when he mentioned the words "Muse's apostasy", and only the muscles in the corners of his eyes seemed to tremble slightly. Chapter 251 of the blasphemy volume. kingmoreracking.com