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Wen Heng smiled shallowly. Standing in the awkward situation of not being able to go up and down the stairs for a moment, Muhe hesitated and hesitated, and was about to go downstairs when he saw Wen Heng coming this way.

The area near the harbor is all the forces belonging to Lingxiao Pavilion. The Lord of Los Angeles was the playboy Lin Li who almost married her in those years. However, after Lingxiao Pavilion took the initiative to show goodwill to Hokuriku in Qiwu Villa, it also followed the trend to change its past antagonistic attitude, which led to the establishment of a series of commercial trade with Hokuriku. But if it were not for the secret operation of Lingxiao Pavilion, who would have the power to close the harbor? If the harbour is closed for the purpose of finding a person, then why is there no movement to find a person? Muhe had heard about Qi Huai, the new emperor of Beilu. Two years ago, the prince died of illness, the first emperor suffered the pain of losing his son, and soon collapsed. Qi Huai was originally the son of a deposed imperial concubine who had nothing to do with the throne, but finally got the throne. If you have to say, it's probably Wen Chen's hands and feet. When Wen Heng was appointed Taifu to assist the princes, one of them was Qi Huai. Muhe was not impressed by him, because he had very little time to listen to Wen Heng's lectures. At that time, he was thirteen or fourteen years old, and his appearance and bearing had changed a lot since then, so when he suddenly met him in the street, Muhe did not even look familiar to him. Maybe it is. Wei Huai's eyes flashed, unnaturally leaning to one side. Muhe stood up and walked around the room twice. He was quite speechless. "What do you mean, maybe?" After a pause, he suddenly realized that he had been worried for a while and had taken care of too much. After pursing his lips, he changed his tune and said, "It may have nothing to do with you to close the harbor,rapid sand filters, but now you are being hunted down and killed. Wen Heng is in Los Angeles. Even if you escaped from the palace, why didn't you tell him?" Wei Huai didn't say anything. Muhe has a deep headache. In fact, Wei Huai was protected by someone, and the last time Wen Heng appeared beside Wei Huai in the mountains and forests, it showed that Wen Heng knew about Wei Huai's departure from the palace. Only when Wen Heng came with the army, no matter how to say, will not let Wei Huai fall into this field. But Wei Huai a face of discomfited reality is placed here, he bit the key place refused to say,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Muhe also took him no way. After a long silence, "what are you going to do now?" Wei Huai moved his lips twice and threw out a sentence smoothly, "I don't know." Yeah. Why else would he be squatting in an alley like that. Muhe thought for a moment and then turned to go. Wei Huai, who had been hanging his eyes, did not hear an explanation. He did not know her attitude, but when he saw Muhe leaving, he immediately got up in a panic and pulled her sleeve. "Where are you going?" "恩 ? I remembered that I forgot to give the porridge in the food box to Dr. Hua because I was afraid it would be cold. He paused. "Have you had breakfast?" "No." "Well, I'll bring it up to you later." Muhe put his hand on the door and thought of the sidewalk. "You are being hunted now. Doctor Hua's legs and feet are not convenient, and he has no self-defense skills.". So I can't let you stay at the hospital. Wei Huai will just relax down secretly pleased to close, eyebrows slightly twisted up, expression turned cool way, "I did not intend to stay here." Muhe nodded, "that's good." Without a superfluous word, he turned to close the door and was ready to go down the stairs. Wei Huai watched helplessly as Muhe closed the door in front of him, feeling her impersonal words of banishment, his heart was like a slap in the face, wall penstocks ,rotary vacuum disc filters, burning pain, the more he thought about it, the more angry he was, and pulled the door open with one hand. The door hit the pillar behind the door with a loud bang. Muhe, who was on the stairs, looked back without knowing why. He saw Wei Huai's phoenix eyes burning with anger. He stepped on them and came downstairs. "If I'm afraid I'll get you into trouble, I'll go now. Why should I be hypocritical?" Muhe looked at him, blinked his eyes, and said nothing. Wei Huai deliberately bumped into her when he passed by, and his eyes were a little red. "Get out of the way!" "All of a sudden there is no temper." Muhe was knocked aside by him, holding the railing and watching him rush out angrily in amazement. ……” A useless, see him really want to go out of the posture, Muhe also some worried, even down a few stairs, busy way, "wait and wait ah!"! I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? Wei Huai, who was about to walk to the door, suddenly paused and stayed where he was. Muhe thought that his words had played a role and was about to pull him when he saw a man slowly coming in after the halo at the door of the hall where the sun was shining. Three thousand black hair for a jade hairpin simple bundle up, dressed in a snowsuit floating like a fairy, no waves, but as if crushed the starlight eyes light fell on Wei Huai's body, and then see her. In the dark eyes of the ancient well, there was not much surprise, but after that glance, a harmless and gentle smile slowly appeared on his lips, which made her heart sink. Wei Huai stayed in place for a while, suddenly turned around, turned pale, ran upstairs, and did not stop for half a minute when he passed Muhe. The frightened appearance was like a runaway teenager who saw his parents carrying bamboo sticks in the street. Bang. The poor door was thrown again. ……” Muhe was stunned for a long time in this strange atmosphere before hesitating, "he seems to be frightened by you?" "As it should be." Wen Heng smiled shallowly. Standing in the awkward situation of not being able to go up and down the stairs for a moment, Muhe hesitated and hesitated, and was about to go downstairs when he saw Wen Heng coming this way. This kind of atmosphere feels very familiar, she is always in the home when the role of the white face is more, for example, when Xiaozhu wants to clean up Ali, she is to block. Today's situation looks ridiculous, Wen Heng is Wei Huai's courtier, should not be up to clean him up, but the momentum will always give people such an illusion. The stairs are not very wide, Muhe thought selfishly, she stood so fixed, perhaps there is a euphemistic meaning of blocking, is worthy of the Wei Huai who fled. But she watched Wen Heng approaching step by step, and it was strange in her heart that the only step that was not wide was her right hand side, which allowed people to pass sideways, but Wen Heng had nothing to describe as going to her right hand side. The wind is light, the clouds are light, the gentle smile, and there is no trace of superfluous emotion on the face. Muhe heart choked,Wall Penstocks, is thinking or quietly betray Wei Huai, Wen Heng has already stepped on the stairs in front of her only a short step. Before she had time to be shocked, her waist was hugged and her palm was forced to hold her gently in her arms. Hmm?.