The ex-husband is too arrogant

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"Now that you have me as a sister you should take responsibility as a sister that is to say from the moment

"Now that you have me as a sister you should take responsibility as a sister that is to say from the moment you recognize me your life is not just about revenge" Chen Ye's natural way Ruan Qiaoan is worried about himself in order to revenge finally can ignore everything even can sacrifice his own life for this sister's concern Chen Ye is still very gratified Okay okay I know Don't you have to go back and pack your things Let's go quickly! Otherwise it will be dark for a while and your time will be shorter and I'm afraid you won't be able to Natural Toxins take it back! Chen Ye began to urge Ruan Qiaoan Ruan Qiaoan bent down again and hugged Chen Ye tightly "All right!"! Sister I'm leaving You must take care of yourself during this period do you know I'm waiting for you at the welfare home See two people are about to separate Chen Ye heart inside is also some reluctant she raised her hand gently stroked Touching Ruan Qiaoan's back Then he squeezed out a smile on his face and said softly "You have said this sentence many times I know you should go quickly!" Ruan Qiaoan let go of Chen Ye and then wiped away the tears from his eyes with a smile on his face "Well I'm leaving But sister you don't have to send me out to get on the bus Otherwise I can't stand it and want to cry So you sit here for a while first and then wait for me to get on the bus before you go OK" Chen Ye felt that this was not good at first so she was not ready to agree but when she looked up and saw the begging look on Ruan Qiaoan's face she finally nodded "Well my sister listens to you" Seeing Chen Ye promised to come down the smile on Ruan Qiaoan's face was even more gorgeous She said goodbye to Chen Ye then picked up her things from the ground and turned around and walked out without looking back After seeing Ruan Qiaoan leave Chen Ye turned his head and looked out of the window looking at Ruan Qiaoan's back seriously his face was more and more reluctant but even if she was reluctant she did not get up and chase him out Because Chen Ye knows that both of them are no longer children and know what they should do even if she gets up in a hurry and chases them out it will only make Ruan Qiaoan feel even more uncomfortable In addition there is no other effect besides two people are not not to meet and so on after their revenge she will soon go to find Ruan Qiaoan Chen Ye looked out of the window at the figure of Ruan Qiaoan reaching out to stop the car while secretly comforting himself in his heart the separation of the two people now is only a short time waiting for a period of time the two of them will meet again At this time standing outside the coffee shop Ruan Qiaoan China Chemicals Suppliers who reached out to stop the car could naturally feel that there was a hot eyeliner looking at her inside the shop She waited for a long time before she forced herself not to turn her head away She was afraid that if she turned her head to see Chen Ye's crying red eyes she would not know if she had the courage to decide to leave Recognized a new sister Ruan Qiaoan is also reluctant to leave because she has not felt the feeling of being cared for for a long time so she is afraid that as long as she turns back this time she really does not want to leave again Although the heart is also extremely reluctant but Ruan Qiaoan also comforted himself in his heart it doesn't matter he and his sister will meet soon after her own things are done to find themselves at that time two people can live happily together and then do what both of them like to do After comforting himself in this way Ruan Qiaoan's uncomfortable mood in his heart because of parting is gradually getting better and his future life is still very hopeful isn't it People's life want to live happily then there should be hope although it is very likely that they will not be able to achieve what they want but at least now they have the motivation courage want to go on Ruan Qiaoan thought of this looked up at the sky that was already dusk and then gently pulled up a radian at the corners of his mouth "That's why people like hope!" After all these unknown hopes can give themselves the courage to face the present predicament and difficult situation which is the meaning of the existence of hope! I have to say it feels good to have hope After saying this to the sky Ruan Qiaoan smiled again then still raised his hand to stop the taxi and soon a taxi stopped in front of her Ruan Qiaoan took two steps forward then reached out to pull the door open but she did not immediately sit on it but stood there for a moment and then lifted her feet into the car without Animal Extracts even looking back Chen Ye who had been watching the movement outside the window naturally saw Ruan Qiaoan's actions She smiled at the corners of her mouth Although her sister did not look back the figure she had just paused was the parting words she said to herself After seeing Ruan Qiaoan sitting in the car Chen Ye reached out to put the jewelry box on the table into his bag then got up hurriedly strode out of the cafe stood at the door staring at the taxi that had started stood for a while and then turned to his home After Ruan Qiaoan got on the bus he told the driver the location of his home and then stopped talking The taxi driver answered with a smile and when he was ready to drive he saw the woman standing at the door of the cafe next door staring at his car all the time He glanced in the rearview mirror at the guest sitting in the back seat of the car Then he smiled and said "Miss the lady standing outside seems to be someone you know Would you like to get off and say a few words" Ruan Qiaoan sat up straight and then through the glass behind the car she saw Chen Ye standing at the door of the cafe looking at her car her heart warmed but did not listen to the driver get off to talk to Chen Ye Instead he put away the emotion on his face turned his head calmly and said to the driver with a smile "No we have finished what we should say Let's go!" Chapter 373 adds some bitterness