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There was a loud shout outside the three thatched huts, and a few people on this side were no longer noisy

There was a loud shout outside the three thatched huts, and a few people on this side were no longer noisy, only to see an uncle with his back hunched and his hands on his back, leading an old Buffalo slowly past their house. Old Qingshan, you will be tired for another day tomorrow. We two old boys have raked more than four mu and nearly five mu of paddy fields. Ok, it's better than in previous years. This is a good thing. It shows that we are not old. Old Aoyama, you have to get up early again tomorrow. Don't be polite to my old acquaintance. Tomorrow's meal will be eaten at my house. If you are tired for another day, you can almost let the cow rest for half a day. Next time you say a time, I'll come to your field to help. "Well, Erjin, you go back first. It's getting dark and the road is not easy to walk." Lian Qingshan put down the small pear, waved to Niu Erjin, and smiled a little round on his chin. When Lian Qingshan turned around to deal with the quarrel between the girls, Xibao quietly attached a few words to the little sister's ears, successfully coaxed the little sister to "giggle" with a smile, and even reached out to protect the nest of wild eggs, so as not to let others break them. This child, you go to play. "Even Aoyama took out a piece of porcelain with a plum blossom branch on a white background from his bosom and gave it to Yuyan, who was the most noisy and the smallest. He rubbed it on the stone in his spare time, so he didn't worry about the girl hurting it." Take it. It was found in the field with that nest. It's good to give your second sister that nest. This is for you. Don't make trouble for your second sister again. When your brother comes out, you will not be young, alas. It doesn't hurt. Lian Qingshan gave a stone to Hongyu to play with. It was a pasty yellow stone seed. Hongyu picked it up and shone it into the sky. The red tendons and collaterals were faintly visible. He was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth. He hooked his father's hand and shouted, "Thank you, Dad!" Xibao stared at the almond eyes, with an incredible look on his face. This time, without waiting for Xibao to take the lead, Dongyun grabbed it from Hongyu's hand first. Hongyu did not cry. Dongyun turned over the whole stone and finally calmed down. He threw the stone back to Hongyu and only looked at Xibao. Xibao didn't look at the stone, because she thought it was a sky-high price of Tianhuang stone, but according to geography, it could not be found in this paddy field, that is, it was really similar, in the absence of market operation in ancient times, this little bit of big, can be worth a few yuan. Not as good as amber can be used as an inlaid gem, then put out the idea of picking up a bucket of gold in vain, but it can be kept for the time being, maybe later. Dad, when can we plow our fields? How long do we usually plow? Is Dad the only one who is busy? Our sisters can help. Xibao asked his father while converting his own working hours according to what Niu Erjin said. Ha ha, this pear tip you can't have a hold, or wait for your brother to come. "Even Aoyama is in a good mood recently, watching the food at home improve a lot, home more live chickens, even the belly of the daughter-in-law is more bulging, children are hopeful, this time should not die, naturally his words will be more," our family first-class paddy field is not much, just four mu, do it well this year, Half a stone more per mu than in previous years is enough. Alas, it's a pity that the eight acres of inferior fields have to rest for two years before they can be put to use. "What.." Xibao was puzzled. Why should we put the light on the farmland? Dongyun knew what it meant and came over to explain it slowly. When it comes to farming, cold drawn tubes ,side impact beams, even Aoyama can be called a veteran. When Dongyun talks about something that is not accurate, he can also insert a few words. In less than a cup of tea, Xibao roughly understood from his father and Dongyun that the farming level of this era was still very backward. Generally speaking, the land is vast and sparsely populated, but the government encourages farmers to reclaim wasteland and give birth to more boys, but the enthusiasm of farmers is limited, because the reclaimed land, the first year is called, need to burn and cut vegetation, not to mention extremely tiring, have to wait for one or two years before they can cultivate, the second year, part of the good into new fields, this part is the field. In the third year, most of the new fields that have been reclaimed may become barren fields, and after a long time, they will be barren again. At this time, it is necessary to burn the vegetation in the fields and accumulate ash in the fields to fertilize them. This will require at least a year's rest, and so on. A field that can be ploughed every year is called a superior field, a field that can be ploughed for one year and rested for one year is called a middle field, and a field that has been ploughed for one year and rested for two years is an inferior field. Lian's family has more inferior fields, about eight mu, medium fields are the two mu of fields that Lian's family wanted to sell last time, and four mu of superior fields, all handed down from their ancestors. The family in Lianzhishan has four acres of first-class fields and two acres of medium-sized fields. Everything needs to be done As Xibao listened to his father and Dongyun, his cerebellum quickly began to calculate. As soon as they finished, Xibao stopped about half a stick of incense, and she knew roughly how much her own burden was, and finally breathed a sigh of relief in her heart. Originally, the land tax of the State of Wu was relatively light-one bucket (about 24 Jin) per mu for the first-class farmland, seven liters (about 18 Jin) per mu for the medium-sized farmland, and five liters (about 12 Jin) for the lower-class farmland. Don't look at the land tax of the superior field, but the most uneconomical is actually the inferior field. Once the lower fields have passed the three-year tax exemption period for the official to reclaim new fields, no matter whether your lower fields are off for one year or two years, the official will collect taxes according to this rule every year, unless you abandon the lower fields again, but the official has a certain proportion of requirements for this situation, so the enthusiasm of the people of Wu to reclaim new fields is not high. Generally speaking, they have to do it when they need it, such as separation and independence. Correspondingly, the grain yield is really not good, the yield of first-class fields is three stones per mu, the yield of medium-sized fields is close to two stones per mu, and the yield of lower-class fields is less than one stone per mu. Based on 12 stones for the first four mu of farmland, 4 stones for the second two mu of farmland, and 8 stones for the lower eight mu of farmland (about 24 stones), the tax deduction is 228 Jin, that is, eight buckets and six liters. Excluding the loss of going back and forth, only 23 stones are obtained. However, this is only the harvest of the Lian family's 14 mu of farmland, whether good or bad. The actual average annual output of the Lian family is only 11stone after the land tax, about 2640 Jin, which is the amount of three adults. This is only the original grain output. The rice yield of slightly dry rice is at most 60%, and the average person only gets one or two catties of rice a day. In ancient times,beam impact tubes, the man in charge spent at least three quarters of his time in the field, so the amount of rice per catty was estimated to be only one meal for the main labor force of a family, and the gap needed to be allocated from the rations of other family members.