Empress Without Virtue [End + Side Story]

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So, the imperial concubine is also good, she does not need to contend with a dead person. And the promotion

So, the imperial concubine is also good, she does not need to contend with a dead person. And the promotion was not her ultimate goal, what she wanted was the emperor's love for her, as before. Status is just a thing, with a high score, no one in the harem dare to bully her casually. Bai Xiangru mixed the experience of the harem, so he thought very thoughtfully. Ji Wujiu thought more thoughtfully than she did. Bai Xiangru this woman, want to be the imperial concubine to be the imperial concubine, she even dare to molest, ah no, seduce him. Ji no blame has been Ye Zhen training out, in the face of women's good, the first reaction is to think of Ye Zhen's reaction. At this time Ye Zhen's life and death is unknown, he has no appetite to face the teasing of other women. But always this is not good, he as a man, the harem is full of women, all want to molest, ah no, seduce him, not afraid of ten thousand in case, if he really what way, then Zhen will not come back to split him. After thinking about it,Cold Drawn Tubes, in order to protect his chastity, Ji Wugui had to take the risk. That night, Tie Taiyi received a mysterious and incredible task. Not daring to tell anyone, he went back full of curiosity and made a bottle of pills for Ji Wujiu. At the same time, he told him: one pill at a time, one pill for a day. Has no toxicity or side effect, and has no rebound after drug withdrawal. Ji Wugui holding a small pill, can not help feeling,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, through the ages only heard of men to eat Yang medicine, no man will take the initiative to eat this. He especially wanted to set up a memorial archway for himself. Chapter 90 confrontation. Ji Liyou's letter said, let Ji Wugui finish everything at the top of Baihua Mountain at noon tomorrow, be sure to go alone, otherwise Ye Zhenzhen's life is in danger. The palace was heavily guarded, and the people who were worried about each other could not enter the palace to deliver the message, so the letter was shot with an arrow on the threshold of Fang Xiuqing's study, with the words "the emperor personally opened" written on it. So Fang Xiuqing delivered the letter as expected. Baihua Mountain is in the southern suburbs of the capital. In fact, Ji Wugui knew that Ji Liyou had taken Ye Zhenzhen to Fangshan. When they arrived at Tianjin Wei, there were spies to report back, and others followed them far away, but they did not dare to act rashly for fear of throwing rats and avoiding weapons. So after Ji Liyou entered the mountain, the spies behind him were lost. After Ji Wujiu received the letter, he made some arrangements, the center of which was how to save Ye Zhen's life. If you want to protect the hostages, you can only try your best to meet the demands of the kidnappers. Ji Wujiu did not dare to let Ye Zhen have half a minute of danger, side impact beams ,Precision steel tubes, so he went to Baihua Mountain alone. In order to ensure that the dark guard would not secretly follow the bad things, he tied them up in advance. There is a big pine tree on the cliff at the top of Baihua Mountain, with a strong branch sticking out of the cliff, like an immortal waving to the vast mountain scenery. Now, Ye Zhen is tied to the mouth, hanging on this horizontal branch, her foot is the abyss. People look down and their hearts are in their throats. The weather was fine today and there was no fog in the mountains. She could see the winding mountain path under the shade of trees at a glance. When Ji Wujiu's figure appeared on the mountain path, her tears welled up at once. What should I do? He's really here! Alone, he stepped on the mountain path, and his figure gradually approached. Go back! Hurry back! Ji Wujiu could not hear her inner cry, and he did not look up, but lowered his head and moved forward step by step. The pace is steady and strong. Ye Zhen cried, tears blurred her eyes, Ji Liyou looked at her coldly, and finally could not bear to look at her, took out a handkerchief to help her wipe her tears. When Ye Zhen looked down again, he could not find the figure of Ji Wugui. After a while, he reached the top of the mountain. He has lost a lot of weight. Ye Zhen cried and shook his head desperately, hoping that he would understand what she meant. But he didn't go back. Long body and stand, look calm, but look at her eyes more than a trace of worry do not want to show. Ye Zhen struggled, but to no avail. Her wrist was so painful that she had to grasp the hanging rope to relieve the pain in her wrist. Suddenly, she remembered something. On this side, Ji Wujiu saw that Ye Zhen was so distressed, but he did not want to mess up the phalanx, so he had to clench his fist and try his best to restrain himself. When Ji Liyou saw him, he smiled and said, "You're here.". ” Ji Wujiu didn't want to talk nonsense with him. He said bluntly, "Let her go, and you can do it." "What's your hurry?" Ji Liyou walked a few steps in the same place with his hands behind his back. "I really should let Ji Jian take a good look from the sky. How did he kill his own brother? How will his son be killed by his own brother today. Retribution, this is retribution, ha ha ha! Ji Wugui took a deep breath and said, "We can't comment on the past of our ancestors." "Of course you can't comment, because your father is a brute who kills his brother and forces his father!" Ji Liyou's smile is a little ferocious. You Why, am I wrong? Ah, I really said wrong, "Ji Liyou suddenly said," should not be forced father so simple, right? The death of the emperor of that year, afraid also with him. "Shut up!" Ji Wujiu was so angry that his face turned blue. "Just say what you want. You don't have to involve any past." "I must say!"! Your father killed your uncle and grandfather, and your throne was stolen! Father's debt is paid by son. I will kill you today for revenge. Naturally, I will get back what should belong to me. "In that case, do it." "No hurry." He laughed and suddenly pulled out his sword, the blade of which was facing the rope on the top of Ye Zhen's head. Ji Wujiu hurriedly said, "No!"! Everything is negotiable! Ji Liyou kept the posture of raising his sword motionless. "Well, I'm not as cold-blooded and ruthless as your father. I can give you a chance today.". Jiangshan and beauty, you choose the same, choose right, I may be able to let you live, if wrong, then go to heaven to see your father! What is right or wrong? "But you can choose according to your heart." Ji Wujiu frowned,aluminium coated steel tube, "you don't have to play these tricks, put Zhen Zhen, change me in the past." 。 cbiesautomotive.com