Jiangshan Beauty txt Complete Edition Author: Mo Wu

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His tone of voice is low and steady, hidden and vast, four lines of export, leaning on the railing, everyone is surprised

His tone of voice is low and steady, hidden and vast, four lines of export, leaning on the railing, everyone is surprised, only feel that the first two lines of the poem are simple, but the last two lines are broad momentum, the realm is all out, coupled with his standing by the railing, extraordinary bearing, with the red sun and white clouds, people actually feel ashamed. There is only one thought in everyone's mind. This person is so wise and powerful that he can make such bold and unconstrained poems. The works of his little children are really inferior! Section 112 of the main text. When Xiao Buyi saw that everyone was surprised, he laughed slightly and thought to himself that he was finally shocked. Of course, he didn't write this poem. He didn't have that kind of literary talent. He just remembered that according to the records, it was written by Tang Bohu when he was climbing the mountain, pretending to be a beggar and teasing the poets. The original text was up and up, up and up to the mountain. Raise your head, the red sun and white clouds are low, and the four seas and five lakes are all in sight. With a slight change, he changed the poem of climbing the mountain into watching from the building. Fortunately, this is the top floor, and the terrain is not low. One up and one up can be regarded as a staircase. There are also red sun and white clouds. The four seas and five lakes can generally refer to the Central Plains. Of course, it can also be said to be the channel below, which is somewhat appropriate. Seeing the stunned expression of the crowd, Xiao Buyi felt slightly ashamed. On a whim, he almost wanted to sing another song about the water coming from the sky. On second thought, it would be better not to outsmart himself. Poetry lies in the artistic conception and the environment, the atmosphere is not right, the momentum is much weaker, drawing a tiger instead of a dog is also a lot of things happen,stainless steel needle valve, arch hand way: "Do not offer ugliness, if there are shortcomings, but also hope that the gifted scholars correct." "Good, really good, really good." As soon as the false childe pounded the table forcefully, the table bowl also followed him to cheer: "a good sentence: raise your head, the red sun and white clouds are low, and the four seas and five lakes are all at a glance.". With the momentum of these two sentences alone, Brother Tai is by no means an ordinary person. All the poets looked at each other in silence and did not applaud. They were all depressed. Ma Dong and Tan Yu were all ready to draft, what cloud head day,14 needle valve, drizzling rain, swallow small building listen to wandering; you a horse, I a fart, toilet spittoon cheer together. But their recitation of poetry is just a pastime. Nowadays, people in the four imperial examinations are required to be proficient in their studies, to be talented, to be strong, and to excel in ethics. The two subjects of Jinshi in the Ming Dynasty have given these literati the day to come to the fore. Jinshi attached great importance to poetry and Fu, and Ming Jing attached great importance to the classics. Moyi, but after all, poetry still needs some literary talent, Ming Jing only needs to be memorized by rote, so most of the literati just rush to a Ming Jing, Ma Dong and Tan Yu are two of them. For Ma and Tan Yu, poetry is just an addition, slightly different from their own. Originally thought that Xiao Buyi, a country bumpkin, could have any literary talent, perhaps he would recite the old horse pulling the plow and the ox plowing the fields. Year after year, the poems came, and when the time came, pipe fittings manufacturer ,12 needle valve, they presented the wind and rain of the small building, which would not bring the house down. This fake male child disguised himself as a man, although he was a baby, he looked tender and tender. When the time came, he envied their literary talent, and then had a little wine, got drunk, and had a night of fun. Wouldn't everyone be happy? Unexpectedly, Xiao Buyi just looked at it, and they knew that they were just making a fool of themselves by reciting poems again, so they could only keep silent. Up and up, up and up, up to the top floor. Raise your head, the red sun and white clouds are low, and you can see the four seas and five lakes. False childe eyes shine, it seems to be Xiao Buyi thunder is not light. Shaking his head, he said, "That's all for the first two lines, but they begin with a plain and simple beginning, and then turn to a strange peak. It's not open-minded. It's hard for a person with fantastic ideas to make such a poem.". Red sun and white clouds, four seas and five lakes, all in one look, wonderful, wonderful. Two dear brothers, this brother is reciting a poem. This jade has come out and is waiting for your bricks. She turned it around and said that Ma Dong and Tan Yu wished there was a crack in the ground to drill. The maid thought to one side, I feel a little general, and the people who sell oil and vegetables do as if, what red sun and white clouds, white clouds are there, but the red sun is clearly the golden sun ah, and white clouds are low, white clouds are not high above? But afraid of false childe beat, had to do stuffy gourd. Did not think of stuffy gourd also cannot be done, false childe is one slap hits again: "How, do you feel not wonderful?" "Wonderful, Gao Zuo.". "The maid pretended to be a bookboy and nodded repeatedly." The artistic conception is all out. The artistic conception is all out. Don't you know the name of this young man? " She asked the last one for the young lady. I am a commoner. We get together by chance and disperse in a flash. It doesn't matter if you don't say the name. Xiao Buyi did not want to meddle, but was afraid that Tang Bohu would point at his spine and scold him, borrowing the words of the fake childe just dealing with Ma Dong and Tan Yu. Fake childe pounded the table suddenly, "what do you say commoner?" Xiao Buyi was startled. "What's the matter?" He asked. "I hate the word commoner most now." The false childe jade face has an angry look. Ma Dong and Tan Yu Yixi nodded, "After all, the commoner is the commoner, how can we compare with our literati!" "You literati are nothing." False childe a word let two people depressed for a long time, false childe do not know where to come from the anger. The maid, however, poked her and lowered her voice. "Childe, this commoner is not that commoner. You get angry for no reason. I'm afraid people don't like you." Although her voice was low, Xiao Buyi heard it clearly, not knowing what this Buyi and that Buyi meant. The false prince turned his anger into joy and whispered, "Yes, this commoner is much better than that Xiao commoner." Without waiting for a question, Xiao Buyi asked, "I don't dare to ask for your name." Just now Ma Dong and Tan Yu inquired about the name of the fake son and hit a nail. Others thought that the fake son had opened a nail shop. Unexpectedly, he just hesitated and said, "No, yuan Xi." When Xiao Buyi heard these two words, he could not help touching the Geng Tie in his bosom. Could this man say that Xiao Buyi was himself? yuan Lan's daughter is called yuan Qiaoxi, is this yuan Xi's relative, or is yuan Qiaoxi herself? This person is not old, but and, said that a girl seems to be a little older, if not yuan Qiaoxi, and she did not know, how can she seem to bite their own appearance? "yuan Xi, yuan Xi,38 needle valve, good name." Ma Dong shook his head and talked about other things. Unexpectedly, troup did not forget what he had just said: "Two brothers, I am still waiting for your bricks." 。 chinaroke.com