Chi Xiang Gong (Quan)

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Yu Shao raised her eyebrows in a frown, and her charming face was cold. "Brother Liu Wang, if you think this Jiuwangfu

Yu Shao raised her eyebrows in a frown, and her charming face was cold. "Brother Liu Wang, if you think this Jiuwangfu is vulgar, please go back to your immortal mansion.". The younger brother and sister sent it respectfully. "Ben Wang won't go!" Hang Nianyan closed his fan and pointed it at Luo Yan. "You acerbic woman, tell me what the king will do. What will you do?" "What can you do, Wang Ye?" "Piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, poetry and songs, this king is all impassable, all fine!" "Luo is willing to bow to the wind.". Luo Jue is not as knowledgeable as Wang Ye. As soon as the other party was proud, Luo took out the folding fan from his sleeve and shook it gently, "but at least Luo's painting skills will not be inferior to Wang Ye's." "You.." Hang Nianyan stared. "Did you draw this?" "Exactly." Luo Yan flashed the flying butterflies on the fan in front of people. "This small painting is the work of Luo Yan. I don't know which one is more vivid, the one with Wang Ye's transcendent talent and the one with Wang Ye's seal in his hand." "Of course it's Wang Ye's." A beauty offered timely advice, "Wang Ye's picture of a hundred birds coming out of the valley is so beautiful and magnificent that it is beyond comparison with ordinary brushwork.". In fact, Sister Luo also painted well, but she just touched Wang Ye. "Oh?" Luo Xiu's eyebrows seemed to be moving, and her lips seemed to be smiling. "Do the six princes think so?" Hang Nianyan stared at each other's fan again and again, wrinkling his eyebrows into the word "Chuan". Can you paint? Chapter 18 Your Affection Has No Change 2 Updated March 13, 2009 10:22:00 Words: 1065 "Isn't Wang Ye surprised?"? How can I paint as a profiteer with a stink of money? Luo Yan glanced at the group of ladies who had gathered together and said with a smile, "Luo Yan's family makes a living from silk.". Embroidery, weaving, weaving,lycopene for skin, if you want to be exquisite and aesthetic, which one does not need to be manipulated? Before weaving, you need to draw a picture on the warp, and then weave the pattern with the weft. At most, you need to use tens of thousands of shuttles to weave the pattern. Is it as simple as ordinary people think? Those who do not know are not strange, but those who do not know but dare to talk nonsense can not help making people laugh at her shallowness. Isn't that right, Szeto? Yao Yiyi naturally heard the irony. Just now during the banquet, she intentionally or unintentionally urged all the ladies to ask Luo to perform the art of silk tapestry. It was expected that Miss Luo,saw palmetto extract, who was well-respected and well-raised, would not be willing to do such a thing as busking and juggling. Her wishful thinking was that, as soon as this came, not only did Luo Yan offend the princess, but Princess Yushao, who had lost face, was bound to become angry from embarrassment and had to be reprimanded. At that time, she would see how the woman could maintain her nobility and elegance. But things did not go as she had imagined. Her few words really stirred up the bullying of those vain ladies, but in the face of the women's somewhat contemptuous instructions, Luo Yan was neither humble nor arrogant, neither angry nor annoyed, smiling, saying that he was not feeling well, and then turned to retire. Not only did the princess allow it with a sigh, but also Yin Yin came after her with a good soft language to comfort her, and the object of the rebuke was replaced by herself. If this step is wrong, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,turmeric extract powder, it is a miscalculation of the friendship between Princess Yushao and Luo. She thought that these two people can make friends, but is Luo Shi relies on the huge financial resources to flatter the princess Ba Pan to obtain, how today looks like, instead is the princess asks for many? "This.." "Madam Liang Shao, is this silk really so elegant and interesting?" The questioner was a lady in her forties. Qing princess, the wind is not elegant, there is no interesting, which day the princess has free time, can go to the shop to have a look, Luo Yan will not mind the performance. "Two days ago, my prince got a picture of a bamboo grove as a gift. I like it very much. Look at Mrs. Liang Shao. Can this princess learn it?" "It should not be difficult to choose some simple patterns and concentrate on potential.". What's more, what the princess sent to Wang Ye was not the gift itself, but the intention of the princess to weave and embroider with her own hands. “…… It sounds sweet, but I didn't expect you to be an exquisite person. How about I go to learn from the teacher tomorrow? "I don't deserve it." When the other princesses saw it, although there were still two or three haughty faces, several people gathered around and asked for advice on the art of silk tapestry. Yushao was delighted to see his good friend being treated like this. "Don't bask in the sun," he said as the host. "Wouldn't it be more interesting if we went to the pavilion over there to drink tea and discuss it?" A group of women went away, leaving only two people in the same place. One is Yao Meiren, who is calculated by the organ, and the expression on her face is inexplicable. The other, of course, is the six princes. But seeing his sword eyebrows frowning, he seemed to be thinking. On the way, the women heard a loud shout: "The king doesn't believe me!" "Eh?" The women were puzzled. The king doesn't believe that you painted it, and the king wants to compare it with you! Luo pointed to the tip of his nose, "me?" "It's you, and the king wants to draw with you!" Chapter 18 Your Affection Has No Change 3 Updated March 13, 2009 10:22:00 Words: 1507 In front of the "Heart" Embroidery Workshop, Wan Su welcomed his master who had returned from the banquet. "Miss, why don't you take your maidservant with you when you go to the Nine Princes' Mansion for a banquet?" Smelly girl, do you want to use good food so much? Miss, am I missing your tooth sacrifice? "Alas, you know very well that the maidservant is afraid of that beautiful woman, the snake and the dog jump over the wall in a hurry. What kind of dirty tricks did she use against you?" "Fan Ying made me an embroidered bag to ward off evil spirits, and I believe in her ability." "Miss, you don't like to be a playboy any more. You can see that Meixin has moved!" Wan Su bulged his mouth and complained. Luo pulled her cheek skin, "the girl has learned to bully her master, hasn't she?"? It's time to find you a marriage. "The maidservant does not want to marry, the maidservant wants to pester the young lady all one's life!" Luo Jue laughed, "the premise is that Fan Cheng will follow his heart all his life, right?" "Miss." She turned away, her face full of shame, but she was scared away by the huge thing behind her. "Oh, my God, Miss, what is that?" Luo Jue looked back, "man." "Of course, the maidservant could see that it was a man, his car was following the young lady's car, and his man was following the young lady." He even went into our shop. Who is he? "From now on,turmeric extract powder, he is an apprentice in this shop. You should teach him well." Are you sure, Miss? Such a rich apprentice? Look at his gorgeous dress, it's worth at least a thousand taels of silver. Be an apprentice?.