Cultivate immortals in the fairy world

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Not only Li Chengzhu suddenly stood up, but also most of the people on the competition field stood up. Does he

Not only Li Chengzhu suddenly stood up, but also most of the people on the competition field stood up. Does he really dare to devour other people's yuan Ying in full view of the public? Li Chengzhu was shocked. If he really did this, he would definitely not be able to get out of the door. Immortal world, devour other people's yuan Ying is a big taboo, even Li Chengzhu, who has just entered the immortal world, knows this truth very well, let the little thing devour it secretly. yuan Mu seemed to have seen Luo's overbearing ferocity, and at the moment did not show too much surprise, but slowly shook his head, turned his face away, and no longer looked at the stage. As if he had lost his mind, he cracked his mouth and smiled ferociously at yuan Ying in his hand. Even some immortals who claimed to be righteous had released their magic weapon flying swords to attack him. However, the shield on the competition field was so strong that it was still motionless after being bombed by countless people for a long time. Luo Ba Dao turned his head to look at the people who glared at him behind him, slowly opened his big mouth, and saw that the cruel scene was about to happen, and those weak-hearted female immortals had already turned their faces and could not bear to look again. Suddenly,plastic pallet manufacturer, the figure on the field shook, with a bang, Luo overbearing flew up, hit the shield of the competition field in a moment, was bounced down, fell to the ground, and the original place where Luo overbearing stood has now been replaced. Li Chengzhu fixed his eyes on it. Ye Zhiqiu,plastic pallet manufacturer, think about it, Ye Zhiqiu commands all the immortals in the immortal world, I'm afraid he really has to come forward. Ye Zhiqiu took the yuan Ying who was caught by Luo overbearing in one hand, and looked coldly at Luo overbearing who stood up slowly. The ferocious man was also beaten just now. The speed of Da Luo Jinxian can not be seen by the people present. Reaching out to wipe the blood from his mouth and nose, Luo stared at Ye Zhiqiu. Have you forgotten the rules of the competition that it is not allowed to deliberately injure competitors who have surrendered or have no fighting power? Ye Zhiqiu is not angry but powerful, just a few words let Luo overbearing feel tremendous pressure. He spat out a mouthful of blood and looked at Ye Zhiqiu bitterly. He walked to his side as if no one was watching. He picked up the magic knife inserted in the ground with one hand and reached out to brush it. The original flaming broadsword once again returned to its calm side and turned into a weapon like a sword. "Luobadao shoulder against his fairy, as if to show off in general, slowly walked to the stage, blocking the way to avoid panic." Hey, hey. Li Chengzhu smiled, "this is the opponent you have to face.". What do you think your odds are? As he spoke, he glanced at the autumn wind. The courage of an ordinary man is not to be feared. The autumn wind restored his calm side. Leave Big boss Li stretched out his hand to flick his big white and gave yuan Mu a wink. Yuchun, stackable plastic pallets ,plastic pallet supplier, the little girl next to him, was frightened by that scene just now, and her body is still shaking. And at this time. yuan Ying, the immortal whose body was destroyed, flew out ahead of the crowd with a leisurely sound. Seeing that he was about to fly out of the gate, Li Chengzhu, with quick eyes and quick hands, played a trick on him. Then as if nothing had happened, he followed the footsteps of the crowd and walked forward. But looking on coldly, there were many people in the hall who made the same gesture with him. There are many immortals whose bodies have been destroyed in the realm of immortals. Unless they find Muni beads to rebuild their bodies, they will wait for their cultivation to fade away. Until the ashes fly and annihilate, or be caught by people with ulterior motives to refine the magic weapon or devour. So, there must be a lot of people staring at yuan Ying who just flew out. Behind Ye Zhiqiu a face of embarrassment, that yuan Ying actually took advantage of his unprepared escape, really lost the face of the big Luo Jinxian, but people are not prisoners. It's just that the game was destroyed by someone for a while, and it's hard to say if you go after him, so you can only let him go. When everyone walked out of the competition venue, Li Chengzhu looked back at several people, winked at yuan Mu, and said to Qiu Feng, "Brother Qiu, you have consumed too much in the competition. You'd better go to the inn to have a rest." "Yes." The autumn wind was really a little tired and just nodded. Wait Li Chengzhu opened his mouth again and said, "take this girl away.". I have a little thing with yuan Mu. Then he dragged the frightened Yuchun directly from yuanmu's side and gave it to Qiu Feng. yuan Mu smashed his mouth. In the end, nothing was said. Wait until two people disappear in Li Chengzhu's line of sight, yuan Mu just opens his mouth to ask: "What to do again?" Boss Li smiled eerily. Reach out: "Come with me." yuan Mu is unreasonable, although there is nothing good to follow the big boss. But I seem to have gained a lot of benefits. Also from time to time according to his wish, at the moment also do not speak, followed Li Chengzhu walked past. Days can not fly, that refers to Xiuxian and Da Luo Jinxian below the level of immortals, but yuan Ying such a weak thing is not managed, can not expect that a fist-sized thing slowly out of the city, perhaps it will be trampled flat by a careless person. So yuan Ying, who had just flown out of the competition venue, flew straight out of the city. And big boss Li took yuan Mu in this direction. Out of the city gate, Li Chengzhu reached out and threw out his immortal sword. He stepped on it and said to yuan Mu, "Come with me.". Show you a good show. yuan Mu also threw out the top-grade flying sword he had bought and followed Li Chengzhu steadily. Big boss Li took yuan Mu left and right to make money, and the land was full of desolate places. yuan Mu couldn't help asking, "Where are you going?" "Shh." Li Chengzhu turned around and made a silent gesture to him, then pointed to the front. yuan Muyun looked ahead and found that there was an immortal in front of him who stepped on the flying sword and galloped. "It is not strange to meet people outside Tiandu,plastic bulk containers, but it is strange to meet people in this desolate place with a good distance from Tiandu." What the hell is going on? Who are you going after? yuan Mu came over and asked in a low voice. Hey, hey. Li Chengzhu smiled, "didn't yuan Ying run out just now?"? Let's go after him. "To devour others again?" yuan Mu did not interfere with Li Chengzhu's behavior. When have I ever devoured anyone? Boss Li feels aggrieved.