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Miss o, why do you have to like that Ke Bei? There are many talented young people in the Luoyao clan, and there are also several

Miss o, why do you have to like that Ke Bei? There are many talented young people in the Luoyao clan, and there are also several O's who are comparable to Ke Bei. Uncle Fu sighed silently in his heart. The senior superior world is strong in the main realm! Luo Yao Qing's pretty face changed slightly. Even in the Luoyao clan, the strong people in the upper world are small and high-level. With Luo Yao Qing's position in the Luoyao clan now, he can't have that level of escort at all. Which side's power? Is it a blood axe? Luo Yao Qing son took a deep breath, face s sè God s sè restored calm, asked in a deep voice. The Luoyao clan is the first force of the nine major alliances. Even in the Star River Alliance, the strong people in the upper world should not dare to attack her. If it is from the blood axe of the senior upper world of the strong, for the sake of the overall situation that the strong will not attack her, although Luo Yao Qing'er is not the patriarch, but is also one of the candidates for the patriarch, more deeply loved by an ancestor of the Luo Yao clan. Luoyaoqing son carrying his hands, three thousand hair blowing with the wind, green skirt fluttering, a bit of floating out of the dust taste. She did not panic, in her view he did not need to panic, even if he first offended the Yuxiang Pavilion, but the blood axe into dare to move themselves? Luo Yao Qing'er has absolute confidence! "I'm not the man of the blood axe!" At that moment, with an angry shout,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, an old man in blue robes suddenly appeared in the void. Hey, little girl, do you want to press me with Luo Yaoshi? The corners of the blue-robed old man's mouth turned up slightly, outlining a sneer of disdain. Unfortunately, Lao Tzu is not the entry of the blood axe, not the entry of any force, I only know one thing. Those who move Yuxiang Pavilion will be killed without mercy! The blue-robed old man's tone suddenly became cold,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, and the momentum of terror suddenly burst out, pressing on the people on the golden sè warship. The thirty golden guards spurted a mouthful of blood at the same time, their sharp eyes became dim, and their faces became paler. Chapter 530 is not a common friend. "On the orders of Ke Bei, those who move the Yuxiang Pavilion will be killed without mercy!" Space slightly shock, the void suddenly appeared 17 figures, one by one exudes the power of terror, is the main realm of the senior superior strong! The deep and rich voice echoed in the void, and the eighteen powerful people in the upper world burst into momentum at the same time, and the invisible force bombarded the golden sè warship. Puff ~ Uncle Fu's throat was slightly sweet, and the corners of his mouth overflowed with blood. Luo Tianqing's face was white, and he looked at the eighteen figures in the void, his eyes showing panic. .. "Eighteen senior and superior strong people in the main realm!" Luo Tianqing son afraid, Luo Tian clan inheritance for hundreds of millions of years, Prison toilet for sale ,Self-closing Faucet, every ten thousand years the patriarch will be replaced, and she is now only one of the candidates for the patriarch, even if later became a real patriarch, also can not mobilize the eighteen senior upper world of the strong. The main realm of the upper world. Looking at the nine major alliances, they are all absolute jjīng English. The strong person in the main realm of the senior upper world is jjīng English, which can be regarded as a small high-level. There are seven people who are really in power in the Luotian clan. The seven ancestors are all strong people in the world. Below are the Taishang yuanlao Pavilion, the yuanlao Pavilion, the Taishang Elder Pavilion and the Elder Pavilion. Generally speaking, the senior superior is qualified to be a member of the Elder Pavilion. Although the patriarch is nominally in power, the elders of the Elder Pavilion are qualified to impeach the patriarch. Therefore, even if Luo Tianqing becomes the patriarch, it is nothing in the eyes of the senior superior. .. Had it not been for the fact that there was an old ancestor who doted on Luo Tianqing's son, the candidate for the head of the Luo Tian clan would not have been qualified to be personally protected by Uncle Fu, a strong man in the primary upper world. By the order of Ke Bei, those who move Yuxiang Pavilion will be killed without mercy! "On the orders of Ke Bei, those who move the Yuxiang Pavilion will be killed without mercy!" Eighteen rich voices slowly swung open, shaking the eardrums of Uncle Fu and others. Who the hell is Ke Bei? Uncle Fu couldn't figure it out. In his eyes, Ke Bei was just a core disciple of the Blood Axe and a genius of the Hidden Dragon God List. But what is genius! I don't know how many geniuses have stepped on the list of hidden dragons for millions of years. But how many of them can really become the masters of the upper world? At this moment, Uncle Fu was confused and asked the eighteen senior superiors to obey orders, but the elder Luo Tian was not qualified. At least at the level of the Supreme Elder! "Why, why is it like this? How can there be eighteen strong people in the main realm of the superior world in Yuxiang Pavilion, and in the secret realm of Qianhe River?". Ke Bei is also accompanied by three strong people, he is just a member of the Hidden Dragon God List, how can he have such a terrorist force. Luo Tianqing bit his lower lip tightly. Eyes are a little dim, at the moment not to mention the use of Yuxiang Pavilion to force Ke Bei, in the face of eighteen do not belong to any forces, but obey the orders of Ke Bei's senior superiors, whether she can leave alive depends on each other's mood. Unacceptable! Luo Tianqing son can not accept, also do not want to accept, but this is the fact. She can only accept it! "Ke Bei, what is your real identity." Don't you want to say you like me because I don't deserve it? Luo Tianqing's face was pale, and a sad smile appeared on her pretty face, which was extremely bitter. What should I do? What am I supposed to do? Luo Tianqing had crystal tears on her face, and at this moment she felt helpless. She really likes Ke Bei, but now she doesn't even have the capital to be proud of herself, so how can she let Ke Bei speak first? In fact, Luo Tianqing thought too much, or she felt too good about herself, and Ke Bei didn't mean anything to her at all. We can't let them do it. Uncle Fu gritted his teeth and looked at the eighteen senior and powerful people in the main realm of the upper world in the void, all of whom were exuding a monstrous breath. Dear seniors, please forgive me for the offense. My young lady has absolutely no malice towards Yuxiang Pavilion. Miss and Ke Bei Childe are not ordinary friends. It's just that the young lady loves face and doesn't want to open her mouth first. She wants to wait for Ke Bei's son to open his mouth. Young man, ah, is thin-skinned. Uncle Fu said that if he wanted to get away with it now,stainless steel squatting pan, he could only do so. Hmm? The blue-robed old man stirred slightly between his eyebrows, but just now Uncle Fu and others did not directly attack the Yuxiang Mountains, but only banned them. Is there such a thing? The blue-robed old man shook his head and glanced at Luo Tianqing.