Product Description
Stainless Steel Hex Nuts have higher rust and corrosion resistance, so they are very suitable for chemical processing equipment and marine environments. These nuts are the most common hex fasteners, and their internal threads can be screwed onto the shank of a bolt or hex screw. These nuts have good chemical resistance and may be slightly magnetic. Metric 304 stainless steel is also called A2 stainless steel.
Product Details
Drive styleExternal hex
Nut typeHex
Thread TypeMetric
Thread DirectionRight Hand
Thread spacingCoarse
Thread FitClass 6H
MaterialStainless steel 304
Product equipment
[High-quality stainless steel] These nuts are 100% 18-8 (304) stainless steel, one of the highest forms of corrosion-resistant metals, making them last longer than other nuts on the market today.
[Nuts you can trust] Our hex nuts are very strong and very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This stainless steel is superior to ordinary steel and has excellent rust resistance.
[Very suitable to carry around] The bolt dropper hex nut is very suitable for use in wood and humid environments. They are strong, corrosion-resistant and will support all your projects.
Test equipment
Stainless Steel Hex Nuts are used to prevent shearing movement and tension when bonding the facing material and the machine bolts together. Hexagon nuts are commonly used for wood-to-wood, wood-to-metal, and metal-to-metal applications. Grade 2 zinc steel hexagon nuts are recommended for most general purposes and are corrosion resistant. Be sure to drill any holes in advance and use washers and bolts of similar grade and finish.
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