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Manage Customer Assets and Schedule Field Services with Dynamics 365

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Manage Customer Assets and Schedule Field Services with Dynamics 365 n \'a rien posté pour le moment
Date de début 31-October-2023 - 09:00
Date de fin 31-October-2023 - 09:40
  • La description

    Unlock Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: A Webinar for Field Service Pros!

    Calling all Field Service Professionals!

    Get ready to deep-dive into the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service at our upcoming webinar. No jargon, just practical insights tailored for you.

    Here's What You'll Discover in Just 30 Minutes:

    Customer Asset Management: Streamline your asset game.
    Preventive Maintenance & Scheduled Appointments: Master the art of scheduling.
    On-Field Repairs or On-Premises Services: Simplify on-site tasks.
    Technicians' Travel and Logistics Management: Effortless logistics handling.
    Service/Repair Scheduling: Smart scheduling techniques.
    Resource Skills, Availability, and Composite Booking: Skill-based assignments made easy.
    Streamlined Invoicing: Simplify the billing process.
    Appointment Booking and Rescheduling through Power Apps: Enhance your scheduling prowess.

    Webinar Essentials ?

    Date: October 31st, Tuesday
    Time: 9:00 AM PST
    Duration: 40 Minutes

    Meet the Experts in Action:

    Nalini Mehta (Vice President - Cloud Services)
    With 14+ years of industry experience, Nalini's got the real-world expertise you need in Dynamics 365 CRM, ERP, Azure, and SAP.

    Nicole Grimm (Managing Director)
    With 18 years of tech know-how, Nicole's your go-to pro for implementing technology solutions that work.

    Ready to level up your field service game?

    Then join us on October 31st at 9:00 AM PST Time on LinkedIn.

    Register Link :

    It's not just a webinar; it's your opportunity to thrive in the field service universe. Secure your spot now!